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3️⃣ Bitcoin 3.0 Review 2021

Many people regret not having tried mining or selling Bitcoin that costs overwhelming money nowadays. Therefore, the team of crypto enthusiasts decided to correct this nasty mistake and offer personalities not connected with the blockchain industry to mine coins from traditional desktop computers used in every family. This coin has been called Bitcoin 3 and it is similar to the famous BTC not only by the name but also mining algorithm. Are you excited to learn more about it?

Look: this Bitcoin 3.0 review sheds light on the new token available to everyone and focuses on its main problem, features, and solutions.

What is Bitcoin 3.0 (BTC3)

Bitcoin 3.0 that is also known as BTC3 is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency independent from any governing bodies or central bank of any country. This coin runs on its own standalone blockchain and is characterized by using a popular Proo-of-Work algorithm. Similar to BTC, it runs on SHA-256 algorithm though there is some difference between these coins too.
Bitcoin has a total supply of 21 million coins and its block halving takes place every 210,000 blocks. Bitcoin 3 is going to have a total supply of 9.5 million coins and block halving will happen much more often  - every 95,000 blocks. It means Bitcoin 3 has a shorter time to maturity and people can come across new blocks more frequently.


Bitcoin 3 was launched on March 21, 2021 and is already available for mining.


The main problem Bitcoin 3 wants to solve is to make cryptocurrency mining available to everyone who has a computer. It does not require possessing of powerful ming farms to start coin mining and even a traditional desktop computer or laptop can be used for this purpose.


Bitcoin 3 was developed to let everyone try crypto mining using the power of a traditional PC. A person who wants to mine a new version of Bitcoin can start the process easily and quickly - it is enough to download and install a wallet.


What should you know about Bitcoin 3? What makes it different from other tokens? The following features hint at that:

  • Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency;
  • Proof of Work algorithm;
  • More frequent block halving;
  • Can be mind with a desktop computer;
  • Downloadable wallets;
  • Wide social media presence.

How to get BTC3


There are two ways to get BTC3: mining and purchasing from the exchanges. There are several exchange partners where users can buy, sell, and trade BTC3 against other cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to mining Bitcoin 3, there are several steps to complete. 

  1. Open the wallet subcategory on the website menu.
  2. Download a wallet using the link provided.
  3. Scan the wallet for malware and viruses.
  4. Open the BTC3 wallet zip folder and find the ‘self_mine’ executable file.
  5. Open the file and launch it.
  6. Follow the BTC3 mining process and collect coins in your wallet.

It may take from several minutes to several hours to get the first BTC3 coins.

BTC3 Wallets

There are desktop wallets for BTC3 that can be downloaded directly on the website.  You can get a wallet for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is worth mentioning that you may need to change permissions using chmod if you have a Linux-powered computer. 

Apple and Android wallets will be soon available for download too.


Why should you pay attention to Bitcoin 3 and what features of this crypto can seem suspicious to you? Consider the following pros and cons to understand that.


  • Smaller total supply;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • More frequent block halving;
  • Mining is available on any desktop computer;
  • Cross-platform wallets;
  • Open-source code on Github.


  • No information about the development team;
  • Premined coins;
  • No exchange names to trade coins.


Bitcoin 3 is a new token in the blockchain industry despite the fact that its name coincides with the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Its goal to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone is great but still, this project lacks more detailed information about the development team and exchanges it has partnered up with. Therefore, it is necessary to remeber about risks involved.