Alex Metzger Alex Metzger 27.11.2023

AI Metaverse: Futureverse Series A - Scores $54 Million

The ambitious project Futureverse unites 11 metaverse infrastructure and content companies under a single joint venture. A big statement was recently made by this collective of tech companies, announcing that it has raised an impressive $54 million a US dollar in Series A funding, with 10T Holdings LLC leading the investment push. Building an AI-powered metaverse infrastructure is the main objective of this substantial injection of funds, which will pave the way for a subsequent generation of virtual experiences. For more information, you can visit here for

Ripple's Participation and the Vision for Futureverse

Ripple, a significant cryptocurrency platform that recently won a Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) case, participated in the investment round for Futureverse. The mission of Futureverse gains additional credibility and creativity thanks to Ripple's involvement. In order to enable both developers and end users to create, use, and immerse themselves in a variety of creative content across the Metaverse, the new company aspires to assist both groups equally. Interoperable, proprietary asset ecosystems will be added to this content to better serve the gaming, music, animation, and other domains. Notably, since its debut the year prior, the Futureverse has established itself as one of the biggest and most extensive metaverse communities in the globe. 

The Power of Collaboration - Muhammad Ali and Beyond

The strategic partnerships and collaborations Futureverse has forged with key organisations serve to further underline its chances of success. The partnership with Authentic Brands Group (ABG), the owners of the intellectual property rights to Muhammad Ali Enterprises, is an exciting example of this. The partnership with ABG promises an impending release called "Muhammad Ali - The Next Legends," giving followers of the legendary boxer an interactive experience. In addition to this, Futureverse has forged strategic alliances with illustrious clients like Wimbledon, Death Row Records, Keanu Reeves, Mastercard, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, and Alexander Grant. Without a doubt, these partnerships will improve the quality of the creative content offered on the site.

Futureverse - Shaping the Future of AI Metaverse Development

Futureverse will be able to forward the development of its ground-breaking technologies, particularly the Futureverse Platform, through the money raised in the Series A fundraising round. This platform makes it possible to create metaverse games, and immersive experiences with prefabricated runtimes by leveraging The Root Network blockchain and a number of protocols. Furthermore, Futureverse will incorporate the XRPL and Ripple's original XRP as a GAS token as well as the XLS-20 standard for producing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through its partnership with Ripple. Through this integration, Futureverse has demonstrated its dedication to adopting cutting-edge blockchain networks to improve its metaverse offerings.

A Transformational Metaverse Experience

The co-founders of Futureverse, Aaron McDonald and Shara Senderoff, expressed their faith in the Metaverse's transformative capacity to advance human relationships and collaborate. Multiple platforms, like asset management, payments, and gaming, are involved in this transformational experience. Futureverse wants to take the lead in directing the shaping of the Metaverse's future using their vision and expertise.

Lamina1's Metaverse Development Ambitions

The news about Futureverse and Ripple's partnership comes at the same time as Lamina1, a significant metaverse platform showcasing Layer-1 blockchain network. Lamina1 recently established a significant relationship with XR technology suppliers Mira, technology giant Qualcomm, and pioneers of the metaverse platform Croquet. Analysts predict that this alliance will foster quick development and creation of Web3 metaverse tools and materials. The leaders of Lamina1, including Rebecca Barkin from Mira, Gaspard Giroud from Croquet, and David A. Smith from Croquet, emphasised the importance of these partnerships in determining the direction of open, interoperable spatial computing and blockchain-based metaverse solutions in the future.


The business is ready to take the lead in reshaping the landscape of the metaverse by providing innovative, immersive experiences to a worldwide audience with Ripple's assistance and strategic partnerships. Collaborations like the one with Lamina1 are an example of the industry's common vision of a connected, and cutting-edge virtual world as the metaverse keeps growing. The metaverse's future seems to be an exciting journey with countless opportunities for human interaction and creativity.