Chris Chris 19.01.2023

Easy and Secure Way to Manage your Crypto — Interview with Peter, CEO at ICONOMI

On this joyful day, my guest is Peter Curk — CEO at ICONOMI. 

Entrepreneur, husband, father, blockchain enthusiast and MottoGuzi owner

Chris: Hi there! Thanks for being here. Iconomi is an Easy and Secure way to Manage our Crypto. What are some tools that enable us to do so?

Peter: Let me try to explain why ICONOMI is one of a kind platform. On one hand it is super easy to use for beginners, who don't know much about crypto and don't have time to research singel crypto tokens. On the other hand it is a "swiss-army knife" for an experienced crypto strategist that manages a diversified portfolio of crypto currencies on multiple exchanges.

Some of the key things ICONOMI does to simplify users life are:

- a beginner can copy more experienced crypto strategist. This way he can increase the up-side potential and decrease downside risk. There are more than 150 different public strategies on the platform.

- for experienced users it is a all-in-one platform packed with "crypto portfolio management" features. I am talking about advanced features like algorithmic trading execution, one-click portfolio rebalance, smart price discovery on multiple exchanges and portfolio automation management rules.

- last but not least, we filter out non-liquid and "shady" digital assets.

Chris: This is useful. And what are some overall numbers/metrics that you can share to testify to your credibility?

Peter: I am personally especially proud of the feedback we get from users. It is documented on Trustpilot and our customer support team does a great job. Let me share some numbers - on average it takes less than 2min for a user to go through the registration and ID verification process. It takes on average less than 2h for a user's help/information request to be resolved. User support and ease of use are key for our high scores on Trustpilot.

If we turn to the investment performance KPIa - all strategies' performance data is transparently visible to all users of the platform. Users can check performance of any public crypto strategy themself before they decide to copy it. Some have a 2x better performance compared to simply holding Bitcoin for 5 years.  We also make our volumes public - over the last 24h the volume of crypto exchange through the platform was equivalent to 9.099.739 GBP (Jan 19th afternoon). This KPI is published our homepage in real-time.

Chris: From the security perspective - how safe it is to trade/sell with your platform?

Peter: Back in 2018 we were the first crypto firm to make a 3rd party audit of a Merkle tree proof of reserve and have since then constantly worked on increasing security. We invest a lot in our proprietary custody technology and rely on time-proven solutions. Beside keeping assets in cold storage we also reduce risk by connecting and trading on multiple crypto exchanges. As the old saying goes "don't carry all eggs in one basket".

Chris: Can you elaborate on the Referral system and some other perks offered on your site? 

Peter: We have a specific referral system - a referrer gets 50% of what we as a platform make for indefinite time. I have not seen anything that compares with it.

Chris: On a personal note: what prompted the creation of the business in the first place? Any story to share?

Peter: On a very intimate, maybe philosophical level, I believe it was rebellion against the system that connected the dots. We live in an unfair society and blockchain technology can change the way our society is organised, giving more opportunity and freedom to individuals. Iconomi can maybe help with financial freedom.

Chris: What are some vital lessons that you have learned along the way?

Peter: Blockchain is all about decentralisation. Smart-contracts are all about enabling interaction without a "trusted intermediary". Strangely enough the lesson we learned early was "not to trust nascent protocols promising to replace a trusted intermediary". To be conservative and let time be the judge. A new blockchain or smart-contract in its early stage is prone to have bugs and unexpected behaviours. Today this concept is deeply embedded into how we run ICONOMI as a business. To the outside user this is visible in our conservative cryptocurrency listing policy - it is only possible to buy around 150 crypto assets on the platform.

Chris: Captivating! What are your plans for the next 3-6 months?

Peter: We are constantly improving the platform - we've just improved the Autoinvest feature - a simple way to make small recurring payments and use "dollar cost averaging". Our ambition is to make is as simple as possible for non-tech-savy users to safely get into crypto.

Chris: Thanks a lot. Where can we follow you?

Peter: I am not a social media addict. I mostly use LinkedIn, but that is a boring channel for crypto lovers. I guess they will prefer to follow Iconomi on Twitter or join us on Discord.

Chris: Any investment advice for our readers?

Peter: I actually have one, although it is not about which cryptocurrency to invest in. We see many users don't realise how important is to take/realise the profits they make before it is too late. If you readers will decide to start using Iconomi I encourage them use and set-up "Take profit rules".