Chris Chris 23.06.2022

400k Tokens are Still in the Community Reserve to Reward Builders who Contribute to the Project — Interview with a Superciety team

How's everybody doing? This time around we are talking to the many builders of Superciety, lead by Micha Vie — the founder. 

Chris: Superciety works for simplification of DAO formation and functioning. What is the technology that supports this idea?

Superciety team: The internet has allowed people to connect and interact with each other on an unprecendeted scale. While the internet has brought forth a mammoth number of communities - we typically don't see these communities formalise themselves into mission-driven organisations with impact.

We believe DAOs are a critical technology which enable like-minded individuals to come together, and create new sources of value much greater than the sum of the parts. In turn - we hope these new organisations provide paths to financial independency for their members - and a chance to everyone to really engage with the ideals they believe in.

Smart contracts are the enabling technology. While in real-life it's easy (for better or worse) to build rapport with potential co-founders and team members - when dealing with strangers online, trust must be earned. We see smart contracts as a secure way to bootstrap trust, and in doing so, enable this new generation of internet-native companies to be built.

Almost every blockchain has some form of DAO tooling available, that said, we believe what exists already is only beginning to scratch the surface of the potential of space. There may still be at least a 10x needed for current tooling to reach the levels of transparency, flexibility, and usability that will be required to ignite this the DAO revolution.

Superciety is a community of builders completely dedicated to the ideation and development of these new tools, and bringing them to their fullest potential.

We're excited to see what will be built on top of our foundations.

Chris: Additionally, how do you plan the expansion of the technology once Superciety picks up and gains popularity? Does it have the scalability feature as well?

Superciety team: With many of our members coming from Web2 backgrounds - we understand the pros and cons of the different routes to reach 'web-scale'. With that in mind, we see network sharding, and the Elrond Network in particular, as the most plausible approach to scaling smart contract systems.

We're excited to leverage the core Elrond technology to it's fullest potential to create DAO tooling which can really scale to thousands of organisations and millions of members.

We recently ran a Battle of the DAOs competition on the devnet to stress-test our infrastructure. Many popular Elrond projects brought their communities to test the Superciety platform by creating and voting on proposals to win the battle for their community in order to bring home a big part of the well-sized prize pool that contained ESDT tokens & NFTs from all contributing projects (worth serveral thousands). The winner was the project that had the most 'succeeded' proposals in a period of 7 days

Chris: To clarify, what will be the role of Superciety in the DAO hosting? What will be the revenue flow for the cryptocurrency?

Superciety team: Superciety aims to be a community of communities. We provide the interfaces and base contracts that allow for users to come together, define the rules that make sense for their particular case and operate with maximum efficiency towards their mission.

Being a grassroots community of builders ourselves - it was important for us to construct sustainable revenue flows upfront. Superciety collects recurring fees from it's community DAOs for an expanding range of opt-in services. DAOs, in turn, have the ability to crowd-fund these fees from their members via a visible, pro-social, donation-like mechanism similar to Discord boosts.

This model should allow Superciety to sustainably fund development, and meet the evolving needs of our various communities into the future.

Chris: So, when will the token be available for public minting? How many tokens will be released? Do you plan to have a phased release? 

Superciety team: The token was launched fairly in a pre-sale in early January and is now available to the public for purchase on the Maiar Exchange.

Chris: What will be the expected price for the Superciety cryptocurrency? Will there be a limit to the number of tokens to be minted by one user?

Superciety team: We don't think much about priсe because we focus on bringing as much value to the users with Superciety as we can; this value increasing provided will be reflected in the value of our currency, $SUPER as it gains more & more utility over time.

Chris: Also, what would be the minting procedure for these tokens?

Superciety team: Out of 10 million $SUPER tokens, 400k are still in the community reserve to reward builders who contribute to the project.

The Tokenomics + interesting insights (like e.g. that we don't have a team allocation, ...) can be found on this page (scrolling down):

Chris: Superciety is a DAO ecosystem. These DAOs can thrive only with a strong supporting team. Before we end, please share more about your team members and their contributions for the interest of our readers.

Superciety team: Superciety is made by builders all over the world.

Initially started by Micha Vie, founder of the company and app Freeiam, we have now assembled dozens of builders & experts from all over the world who seek to make Superciety a reality for all of us.

Anyone who wants to contribute can contribute.