Chris Chris 27.10.2021

"Zebrocoin will be used as payment currency without breaching/breaking any government rules", Zubar Amla states - the Founder of Zebrocoin

Chris: Tell us about the creation of Zebrocoin. When was it founded? 

Zubar: Zebrocoin was actually planned in 2019 after the creation of the eCommerce platform 
But we only launched it in September 2021 after a lot of research for 2 years, understanding the future of crypto markets and their usage followed by gathering of a proper team that couls work hard on a project for a long time. 

Zebrocoin BSC BEP-20 token was created on 2nd September 2021 with maximum supply limit capped by 10 Billion tokens. Zebrocoin aims to make use of it in real world as payment currency for the purchase of goods and services, at the beginning it will be integrated as payment in eCommerce platform Zebrocart 
By law cryptocurrencies can not be directly used as payment for good/services in many countries so we planning an ultimate way to make Zebrocoin as payment currency by integrating the checkout system with crypto exchange to convert Zebrocoin into local fiat in real-time and checkout with fiat. 
This way Zebrocoin will be used as payment currency without breaching/breaking any government rules/regulations related to cryptocurrencies. 
We have planned payment integration in Roadmap Phase3 and Phase4. 
Zebrocoin is also a DeFi for yield farming and staking at official DApp, it will start in Phase2 when the project is fully matured to pay good ROI to investors. 
Chris. What objective do you set for yourself in terms of helping people moving forward? What's next in the pipeline for now? 

Zubar: Zebrocoin is created with the idea of keeping small/retail investors in the center of our minds. 
Zebrocoin will help it's users/investors in many ways such as crypto payment solution, peer2peer low fees transactions, yield farming for profit, we also planning providing of market liquidity to make value of Zebrocoin.  
Chris: Did the DeFi movement change the industry in your opinion? 

Zubar: In my opinion DeFi movements did change crypto industry, in past tons of crypto projects launched with ERC20 TRC20 with no real use or goal behind the idea failed. Since there was no real use of it they called it useless tokens. 
DeFi The Decentralized Financing projects are game changers, they made a solid use case of tokens with huge liquidity to markets. 
I said DeFi is game changer because if you see two years of crypto history, crypto markets came into uptrend only after DeFi projects launched and provided huge liquidity to the markets, we all know without liquidity or lack of liquidity crashes crypto markets, we have seen it in 2018.  
Chris: What is your opinion on the current state of the STO market? What are the most promising asset categories to be tokenized? 
Zubar. Crypto industry started with decentralization concept as utility digital assets, STO markets are similar to Stock Markets and somehow regulated as Stock Markets. 
It is just digital version of traditional Stock Markets and Bonds. 
Also STOs are not as popular as ICOs IEOs. 
We are entering new digital centralized era of economy where everyone is looking for more control on their digital assets. 
Nowadays everyone wants to be his/her own bank since they feel no safety and security of funds with someone else. 
Yet in future  STO may become popular if they make revolutionary changes.  
Chris: Did COVID19 affect your business?  
Zubar: COVID-19 was a pandemic that affected the whole world from salary-based workers to small/medium/large businesses to industrials and celebs as well. 
But online business and crypto markets were not affected much by COVID-19, in fact, COVID-19 boosted up crypto business. 
More people learned and invested in crypto sitting at home in Lockdown. 


Chris: Why you should consider the Zebrocoin project as an investor or project owner? 
Zubar: As a investor Zebrocoin is good investment for long term, Zebrocoin will be sold to public via token sale from ~$0.001 to ~$0.0015 per ZEBRO. 
1. Zebrocoin is distributed at low price anyone can buy and hold Zebrocoin with $10 or more. 
2. Zebrocoin will have good use case in future such as payment currency to ZebroCart and other merchants. 
3. Zebrocoin has active and experienced team to drive this project for long time in accordance of roadmap. 
4. Zebrocoin is not a pump&dump project like other projects you see launching everyday and disappear in 3-4 months, we planning Project Zebrocoin since 2019. 
5. Zebrocoin has a based project ecommerce platform for real use-case, 
6. Market liquidity is key to success of a crypto project nowadays and we have prepared to provide large liquidity to markets once Zebrocoin is launched exchanges. 
As a project owner, to me this is not just a crypto project to earn huge profit from it. 
Zebrocoin is my dream, dream to make ZEBRO in real world use, dream to bring awareness of cryptos, blockchain and decentralized economy system in our new generation. 
And I work hard for my dream and it is a long journey. 
Chris:  What are the tokenomics of the Zebrocoin?  
Zubar: We aim to take ZEBRO price to $0.10 per ZEBRO by end of 2022 which is about x100 from initial sale price ~$0.001. 
Supply vs Demand plays a big role in market value of a token, Zebrocoin supply is not too high nor too little, once sufficient investors involved price will rise itself. 
Zebrocoin with total supply of 1 billion tokens and starting circulating supply of ~70%-80% of total supply rest will be locked. 
We will burn some ZEBRO if it is needed to keep value up of ZEBRO and to protect investor's holding value. 
If you research Zebrocoin vs other new born projects you will find potential of Zebrocoin and you can predict future of it. 
Chris: I wonder if you have UK-based projects in your portfolio? Do you plan to get any?  
Zubar: Currently I do not have any UK based project in my portfolio nor have planned any yet but in future if I find one matches my portfolio criteria then I will consider adding in my portfolio. 
Chris: What kind of partnerships are you looking for (integrations, media partnerships, contractors, etc.)? Do you have any specific plans for the UK market? 
Zubar: Currently we looking for media partnership, contractors, investors. In near future we will need integration partners also. 
We aim global markets for our project, haven't planned special for UK market but if we get support from UK to build market then we may plan for it.