Alex Metzger Alex Metzger 29.08.2021

British Traders understand Benefits and Risks of Bitcoin better

Bitcoin has continued to gain immense popularity over the years as a store of value and exchange medium. It accounts for over 69% of the entire cryptocurrency market value, transforming almost every global economic sector. Experts predict Bitcoin will soon become a mainstream currency used to send and receive payments worldwide. However, Bitcoin also carries certain risks, such as volatility, which you should know before investing. 

Benefits of Bitcoin 

Many businesses and individuals are starting to use Bitcoin in day-to-day transactions and long-term investments. The following are some of the reasons why Bitcoin is increasingly attracting global users. 

Decentralized Currency 

Unlike conventional currencies, Bitcoin is not subject to government or institutional regulations. Instead, it relies on blockchain technology that automatically verifies and compiles all Bitcoin transaction data in a digital public ledger. That means users can always send and receive payments and view transaction data conveniently without going through any central authority. Bitcoin’s decentralization allows users total control over how, where, and when to spend their money, ensuring greater financial freedom. 

Pseudonymity & Security 

The Bitcoin developer visualized a currency that would offer its users more control over their personal information and transaction data, with fewer risks of identity theft. And, that is the other benefit that Bitcoin users enjoy, as it has cryptographic private keys that allow you to transact anonymously without giving your real identity. Blockchain technology compiles transaction data in a chain of blocks, which only users with the given encryption keys can access, ensuring greater security. 

High Returns on Investment 

The increasingly rising Bitcoin network’s hash rate has inspired widespread adoption and the recognition of profitability potential in Bitcoin mining and investments. Bitcoin is now an asset class, which successfully outperformed some of the world’s most lucrative asset classes in the last year. The recent Bitcoin price boom has further strengthened its position as a traded asset and store of value, with huge ROIs. 

Leading Bitcoin exchanges such as now provide users with various trading tools to maximize profitability in Bitcoin trading and other investments. Besides, Bitcoin cross-border payments also bear low transaction fees, increasing the potential for high investments return. 

Risks of Bitcoin 

Bitcoin is a digital currency with certain risks that you should also know before making your investment move. The main drawbacks include. 

Disparities in Exchange Rates 

Bitcoin exchange rates usually vary across crypto exchanges but, the differences are often just a few points, more or less. Nevertheless, knowing the applicable exchange rates on a few platforms can help you choose the proper Bitcoin exchange via which to invest. 


All cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and, even Bitcoin has undergone a similar experience. The volatility mainly arises from Bitcoin’s decentralization, making its price and value subject to public perception. While there is no way to stop Bitcoin’s volatility, you can reduce your risks by investing cautiously and keeping track of price movements and market forecasts. Reliable Bitcoin exchanges now have automated functions that allow users to keep tabs on those elements and trade with fewer risks. 

Security Concerns

Although Bitcoin’s blockchain technology is one of the most secure platforms, it also comes with risks that every trader and investor should consider. Many reports have surfaced over the media, with cybercriminals hacking Bitcoin accounts and stealing their money. Bitcoin developers have announced they are working to improve the network’s security but, users should also be cautious to protect their Bitcoin wallets. You may even prefer an exchange platform with insurance against theft. 

Bitcoin is rising fast to become a mainstream currency, recognized as a store of value and means of payment globally. However, it is still in the early adoption stage, with various associated risks. So, invest with caution, keeping the above Bitcoin benefits and risks in mind.