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Top Bitcoin Payment Solution Since 2015 — Interview with Shiva, Founder of Blockonomics

Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Shiva Sitamraju — CEO/Founder of Blockonomics

Chris: Hi there! Thanks for taking the time with me. Blockonomics helps people to track and accept Bitcoin payments — how long have you been operating on the market and how successful are you?

Shiva: We started way back in 2014 as an address watcher / blockonomics and have gradually grown thanks to the help and support of the bitcoin community. Worldwide thousands of small businesses use blockonomics to accept bitcoin payment. Both our wordpress and whmcs plugin are most downloaded bitcoin payments plugin on the respective ecommerce platform

Chris: Tell me about your primal features — what makes your platform special?

Shiva: We  are direct to wallet which means we never keep custody of customer funds. Privacy/decentralization is a core part of our philosophy. If you use our Wordpress plugin, any part of payments/customer data  is never submitted to Blockonomics. Complete checkout happens within your store and you are the complete owner of all your funds/payments data. 

Chris: Nice! I see you have come a long way — tell us about the creation of the company. How the idea was formed?

Shiva: I started Blockonomics as a side project, primarily to help me keep track of multiple bitcoin wallets. This thread on bitcointalk  is where it was announced. Then we slowly added search and developed plugins for ecommerce platforms as it was way to monetize the infrastructure that we already built

Chris: What are your next big steps?  

Shiva: There is still a large barrier for people to adopt bitcoin. This is due to the technical lingo/jargon and UX which was not designed for humans. You still see lots of people who don't understand why their payment is stuck/not confirmed.  On forums such people are made fun of because of their inability to understand bitcoin technicals. This mindset has to change. The UI/ products around crypto has to evolve to be closer to people. People riding a car need not be aware of the physics of an internal combustion engine.  We are continuously working on this and aim to make using bitcoin as easy as riding a car !

Chris: Do you have an active community?

Shiva: Yes people are free to join our community on and discuss about bitcoin/blockonomics and also participate in some fun contests to earn bitcoin

Chris: Great! In the end — can you speak about the Affiliate program if someone wants to become your partner.

Shiva: Here is our affiliate program link Our affiliate program is an easy way for anyone to earn  bitcoin. Once a merchant is referred, 30% of his fee to us is given to the affiliate. There is no expiry period, so it is potentially a lifelong recurring income. Feel free to refer us to anyone interested in accepting bitcoin on their store/website

Chris: What are your thoughts on the state of the crypto market in general?

Shiva: There have been lots of developments and progress in crypto. I also miss the tight knit community of early days where everyone was helpful and gave positive suggestions to build new products. These days, most of the talk/content revolves around the price of bitcoin/market cap which is unfortunate.

Chris: Thanks for the talk. Best of luck to you guys! Where can we follow your updates?

Shiva: Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity

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