Alex Metzger Alex Metzger 08.02.2021

DC Finance’s Family Office Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Conference 2021

On January 21st over 600 family office members and ultra-high / high net worth individuals attended DC Finance’s Family Office Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Conference and now we are excited to announce that the second part will be held on March 3rd, at 11 am (EST).

This second iteration of the conference we include everything from investment opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space to regulation, Ripple, Non Fungible Tokens, Decentralized Finance and even the GameStop and RobinHood saga.

At the center of our event is an overview and analysis of the markets by Bloomberg Commodity Strategist, Mr. Mike McGlone.

Mike McGlone

The first part of this conference featured speakers such as: Mr. Anthony Di Iorio, CEO & Founder, Decentral & Jaxx, Co-Founder, Ethereum (1-on-1 session with DC Finance’s CEO); Mr. Yorke E. Rhodes III, Principal Program Manager, Blockchain Engineering, Microsoft; Mr. Tom Golway, Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Mr. Mike McGlone, Commodity Strategist, Bloomberg; Mr. Chen Zur, Partner & U.S. Blockchain Practice Leader, EY; Mr. Hadley Stern, Principal, Innovation Advisory, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mr. Christian Catalini, Chief Economist, Diem Association (FKA Libra Association), to name but a few.