Chris Chris 11.11.2021

According to the A-Team, "the Devcoin project serves a fundamental purpose" — an Interview with DevCoin

Just recently, we've had a profound conversation with develCuy, who's an Admiral at DevCoin.  He is a Web developer, Blockchain developer, Free Software contributor, and Speaker. We covered DevCoin and a set of other interesting aspects of the crypto business in general. The answers include information provided by Marshall Mark and Lieutenant Daniel ;)

BitCourier: DevCoin is a project designed specifically for Developers, how did you come across this idea? What are the roots of it?

DevCoin: Sometime around 2011, Unthinkingbit (UTB) hired Mark (currently Marshall Mark), paid in BiTCoin, to help him build a coin. The project/purpose behind it was his idea. Mark helped him find a way to implement it and actually implemented it. Initial testing of the idea was done using GRouPcoin.

UTB designed Devcoin as an ethical project, similar to the concept of non-profit in the Planet known as Earth (PkaE). For achieving such a purpose, Mark and UTB realized that PkaE's ideology of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (or just Free Software) was the way to go in order to provide sustainability for the project. The Devcoin Foundation was born to wisely distribute 90% of newly generated Devcoins, while the remaining 10% was assigned to pay miners who should then have an incentive to keep the Devcoin blockchain running long-term.

BitCourier: You mentioned this a bit in a previous answer, but can you elaborate more on your TA? What specific value do you bring to the table as a service? Can I call you a service, after all?

DevCoin: Yes, the Devcoin project serves a fundamental purpose currently hard to find in any other crypto project. All known forms of intelligence (including humans, sometimes) care about their own species and even associate with others (i.e: symbiosis). The crypto market yields huge financial wealth 24/7 all year long. How about an organization able to gather a small fraction for contributing to the wellness of all multiverse beings?

BitCourier: Your website is really minimalistic and compact. Why is that so? Does it have something to do with the positioning of the project overall?

DevCoin: We have a compact team of contributors as well. Hopefully some reader might happen to be a web designer looking to help us help others. If so please join our Telegram group @Devcoins and ping develCuy for triage and onboarding.

BitCourier: What's your take on DeFi? How did the DeFi movement change the industry? Is it over?

DevCoin: Are you kidding? It is not over! People seem to love it! They make money by DeFi-ing their worlds and are able to afford to buy more long term investments. Take a look around and ask people about DeFi. They have no idea, but when the time comes, national and corporate leadership will be telling them: Go do DeFi! and they will before they even know what it actually is about!

For the record, we were already doing a form of DeFi years and years ago, we implemented ours as the Finance Corps that sold shares to obtain initial capital then the value per share was calculated from the "treasury" of the Corps. You can see the start of it at

BitCourier: What, in your opinion, are the most promising asset categories to be tokenized?

DevCoin: Coins. Old coins with solid community foundations. I'm biased but I also believe that. One's with the UTXO type, Bitcoin blockchain and protocol extending into tokenized Web3/EVM or other VM compatible, solidity smart contract DAOs. DAOs + Communities with endurance like Devcoin would go a long way building social capital within their own community. 1Hive is doing some amazing things over on xDai Chain, I would not be upset if Devcoin Project expanded into that realm.

BitCourier: Here's the question for you: what are the strengths and weaknesses of current implementations of blockchain technology?

DevCoin: The weaknesses of current implementations of blockchain technology are just abstractions that help secure "gem" like projects over time so the projects have a decentralized future. Look at the Dogecoin distribution. Last year it was close to $0.017 like its ATH in the cold winter of 2018. Now you have people openly rallying behind the coin and has a distribution that is stretched so wide that it had be impossible for one "whale" to tank the market on one big DOGE exchange. DOGE is everywhere now and even people just joining this space aren't selling out which is impressive because even newbies are coming in with "diamond hands" as they say. Furthermore, there seem to be three main types of blockchain, proof of work of some kind, proof of stake of some kind, and webs of trusted/master nodes. Proof of work seems to have problems supporting umpteen chains, the whole "bitcoin astronomy" series of articles at the Unchained Capital site though speculates a long view in which that is actually good as it drives energy harvesting on larger and larger scales that drives civilizations forward from planetary scale through star system scale to galactic scale.

The strengths are what you will see yourself in the next 3-5 years. It's going to take the world by storm. The true strength is the communities because all the ugliness that people can throw at each other over money and greed doesn't seem to be something we'll have to deal with and I can explain. The Devcoin community, and other communities I've dabbled in - some being solid DAOs that accomplish a great deal, like the Devcoin community has in the last 10 years, are places where you're going to be building value with your social contributions and your savvy blockchain coin and token investing experience. So the true strength is happiness being in a community where you can spend more and more time because the value may grow exponentially to where you're able to pay your living expenses doing what you love - creating value and communities.

BitCourier: I wonder if you have UK-based projects in your portfolio? Do you plan to get any? 

DevCoin: I have been thinking of one older Scrypt coin I think to be very valuable going forward but I haven't pulled the trigger yet because there's only so much cash on hand these days. Also, there are the Brits and Britclan in the Galactic Milieu, with their UKB (United Kingdom Britcoin) coin, presumably they have a U.K. focus.

BitCourier:  As we wrap up, what kind of partnerships are you looking for and do you have any plans specifically for the UK market?

DevCoin: The Devcoin Project is always looking to partner with Exchanges willing to accept Devcoins or DVC/kDVC stellar tokens as a form of payment. Marketing is another area we need assistance with. We can't be more thankful to BitCourier for this kind of interview.

Regarding the U.K., Britclan is presumably open to membership to people in your region. Yet, in my estimation they would prefer to have to create clans, guilds, etc. (groups) of their own and form alliances with Britclan.