Chris Chris 19.01.2023

The Bridge to Web3 Gaming, a Sustainable Alternative to P2E, and the Evolution of GameFi — Interview with Kyle, Founder of Dubbz

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Kyle: I'm Kyle, known in the defi space as kkon. I've been an active crypto investor for many years but Dubbz is the first project I've started myself. We've worked on this for the last 2.5 years and self funded over a million dollars in development costs. We finally launched on January 2nd. Fair launch, no private or presale with a unique anti bot system that mostly worked. We have a web version as well as an ios and android play store app in the united states.

Chris: Dubbz welcomes us to the Future of Gaming - an intriguing title. What is Dubbz in simple terms?

Kyle: Dubbz is the bridge and accelerator between traditional gaming and web3. We offer blockchain wagering and matchmaking on AAA games such as Call of Duty, Fifa, League of Legends, and more... We offer defi wallet wagering but also fiat onramps (paypal, circle) to onboard gamers not familiar with defi or crypto where we wager polygon usdc on their behalf. We want to slowly introduce gamers to web3 without being overwhelming or offputting. We think onboarding fresh users into crypto / blockchain is the industries biggest problem currently. We also think the p2e system is inherently flawed. Instead Dubbz focuses on PVP or win-to-earn. Our gaming portal in development will allow users to jump in and out of web3 games on the portal using their existing dubbz balance or the usdc balance in their wallet. One of the biggest hurdles currently is that users must buy seperate tokens just to try out and participate in a games economy. Our portal will be one click entry into some great blockchain games. We offer the portal free for game developers to list. Dubbz will only make revenue if we drive revenue to the developers game.

Chris: Cool! And what is the range of the games? Are they limited to a specific area?

Kyle: We are considered skill based wagering not gambling. So games on our platform must involve a high degree of skill and too much of the match cannot be determined by chance. Currently on the site we offer hearthstone, league of legends, fortnite, call of duty MWII, Warzone 2.0, Fifa, Madden, NBA2K, and CSGO
but titles will be added consistently. When our gaming portal launches we will be launch with a variety of different blockchain games and studio offerings.

Chris: Okay, so how does it work? 

Kyle: How does it work? Just sign up to Dubbz using your email. Add funds to your account via either Paypal or connect your defi wallet on the polygon network with usdc. Find a match in matchmaking, join a tournament, or add your friends and challenge directly for a wager amount of your choice. Its just a few quick steps and you are in the game.

Chris: Can you elaborate on the tournaments?

Kyle: Yes we are running tournaments consistently throughout every week and giving away massive prizes. Thousands of dollars a week in tournaments you can enter for free! We think its a great way to onboard users and get them familiar with the platform. 

Chris: You got a Dubbz token. Can you tell us about it?

Kyle: Yes so our token is unique in alot of ways. By holding enough Dubbz tokens you can sign up for "Pro Membership" - This gives you exclusive benefits such as half off entry fees, voting rights on the platform, and exclusive pro only tournaments for massive prizes. Another really cool aspect of the token is that we share all our platform revenue with token holders automatically on the blockchain. Right now revenue comes from wagering but in the future with the portal and future revenue opportunites... all revenue will be shared. Even if we sell hats someday (not on the roadmap) we will share a large portion of the revenue with token holders in usdc. You can monitor your dividends on and claim at any time.... but if you ever buy more dubbz token, sell any amount, or transfer we automatically send your usdc dividends to your wallet. Its your dividends not ours, no need to ever claim.

We fair launched our token with unique anti bot measures, we had no private, presale, or vc allocations. The token really is in the hands of the people as we intended.

Chris: How big is your community and do you put a big emphasis on it? Why?

Kyle: Our community is everything. The way we structured the token is a testament to that and the way the community has rallied behind dubbz is awesome to see. We self funded this not through user token taxes and released the product simultaneously with the token so you can try before you buy so to speak. We'd like to see this happen more often in DeFi. Our goal now as we begin marketing is to attract more gamers and foster that community as well.... whether they are into crypto and web3 or not.

Chris: Thanks! Any last word? Where can we follow you?

Kyle: Yeah my Twitter is kkoncrypto. But please sign up on and play around. We built what I think is a pretty awesome platform and would love your feedback. We're stoked on where we can take this