Chris Chris 29.04.2022

Goldy allows Players to Enter and Enjoy mini Games, join Tribes, and Access various Events — Interview with Chan, CEO of Goldefy

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself.

Chan: My name is Chan. I take the role of CEO in this project, and I am trying my best to bring this project into success. As of my brief background, I have got my bachelors degree at UC Berkeley in Environmental Economics and Policy. After graduation, I’ve started as an entrepreneur and made a successful franchise business before I started the GoldeFy project. I always try to look at things from a different point of view, and I believe that my creativity comes from that point of view. I am putting all my ability and efforts to GoldeFy, and I will return the favor to the community who trusted in us.

Chris: The Goldefy crypto is aimed at simplifying online play-to-earn gaming for the investors on the Metaverse. How will it bring this idea to life through the cryptocurrency?

Chan: We already have launched Beta of “GoldeFy:Pre-Mining” app available in Google Play Store, which is designed to give many people an opportunity to pre-mine the currency to be used on the GoldeFy Metaverse game before it launches. $G-Token are metaverse in-game currency that provides all the costs such as breeding, enhancement that is used inside our metaverse and $G-Tokens can be swapped to $GOD Tokens and vice versa.

In our GoldeFy metaverse, the role of the Goldy being is the key to auto mining and metaverse. The amount of automatic mining varies depending on the grade of Goldy, and economic profits can be obtained by breeding, by character enhancement Goldy’s automating rate increases and also increases the value of NFT, which opens up infinite growth potential for players. Goldy allows players to enter and enjoy mini games, join tribes, and access various events. Without the Goldy, no human beings can enter their world just like Avatar the movie. 

Chris: Interestingly, Goldefy crypto also releases Goldy NFTs that will be in-game characters. When is the release of the tokens and how will they be priced?

Chan: Our native GOD token has already been listed in pancake swap, and it is paired with BUSD/GOD as of this moment. The current price is 0.12, and it was first listed on March 17th.

Chris: Goldefy lets one earn-while-you-sleep. How does that work for the investors? What is the process of gameplay?

Chan: GoldeFy is a decentralized DAO metaverse that enables players to be free from the pressure of daily tasks and missions. We have developed the Auto-Mining (earn-while-in-sleep basis) on an idle system where players need no efforts but to generate revenue over time. Through Auto-Mining, players are free from the pressure of daily tasks but to enjoy the contents that were provided in our metaverse freely. The process needs enough Goldys (NFT Character) to enjoy the metaverse contents. Auto-mining, breeding, mini games, and enhancement will be needing Goldy. Because once such Goldy is in progress on such an action, it can not be controlled by the player until the action is done.

Chris: Goldefy benefits from a diverse and experienced team on board. What are some of the past projects that have been successful for the team behind Goldefy?

Chan: All of our team members are very experienced specialists in their respective fields as game developers, block chain developers, graphic and art designers, marketers, and operations managers including myself. We can say our team is global, we have marketing teams based in India, Europe, Indonesia and Korea. Our design team is based in China, Philippines, Indonesia, Europe as well. But our developers such as block chain and game developers are mostly based in Korea. To count every member in our team, I can say we have more than 40 team members who are working day and night to make GoldeFy a successful Project. 

Game developers have more than 10 years of experience on average, and have joined various game projects. Block chain developers have been fully experienced since 2017 and are still adopting new technologies and ideas to make our project better in a safe way. Marketing team and operations team are working day and night to come up with creative solutions and strategies, community managements, meetings with partners and so on. Now the design team was a bit tricky since every person has a different taste of preference. It was hard to find people from the globe that fulfills both our ideas, and covers a wide portion of people's preference. So we have scouted every person from different countries into our design team to satisfy all of them. 

Chris: Even though there are quite a few collaborations already, we would like to know how does the team plan to market its token on the Web 3.0 platform?

Chan: We think that Web 3 means the right for users to work independently on the Internet without relying on any platform. The same goes for our platform, where you can have value by hunting individual opinions and give you the right to make decisions, so you don't depend on the platform, but you create and trade individual values, so we open all possibilities and develop.

Chris: Nonetheless, what will be the price of one Goldefy crypto? How much will be the minting cost?

Chan: GoldeFy Character, Goldy has not yet been calculated for exact price. The price will be announced before the market place is officially launched. The minting cost in BSC is not quite expensive, so the expectation on the gas fee is cheaper than other chains.

Chris: Before closing, please share the minting process of the Goldefy token in detail.

Chan: GOD token total supply of 270 Million
85% are locked by the firm, and it is released by the vesting schedules. 15% are fundraised and it is also distributed as the vesting schedules.
% Percentage
Amount of Tokens
Vesting terms

Seed /4.0%/ 10,800,000 /5% at TGE - 1 month cliff, Thereafter 11 months linear
Private 1 /4.0%/ 10,800,000/ 6% at TGE - 1 month cliff, Thereafter 10 months linear
Private 2/ 2.7%/ 7,290,000/ 7% at TGE - 1 Month cliff, Thereafter 9 months linear
Strategic/ 1.3%/ 3,510,000/ 8% at TGE - 1 Month cliff, Thereafter 8 months linear
Launchpad/ 3.0%/ 8,100,000/ 10% at TGE - thereafter 30% per Month (3 months)

Total Raise 15.0%

Liquidity/Ecosystem/P2E / 35.0%/ 94,500,000.00/ Unlocks linearly 5% (as per market demand) community and marketing/ 20%/ 54,000,000.00 /2% 1st month, linearly 8% until consumed
Team/ 10% /27,000,000.00/ 6 months cliff, 25% quarterly
Advisor/ 5%/ 13,500,000.00/ 3 months cliff, 25% quarterly
Game Development/ 15.0% /40,500,000.00 /2% 1st month, linearly 8% until consumed Total 100%
270,000,000 GOD