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INDDAIS will Surely Surprise its Holders with Seamless Benefits and will Never Shock Them — Interview with Mayilvahanan, Founder & CEO of INDDAIS

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Mayilvahanan: Hello, I am Mayilvahanan Arumugam, Founder & CEO of INDDAIS. An Indian with a Computer Science UG, Business Administration & Finance Masters and a doctorate in Microeconomics. Being a coder transformed into an economist has its own perks, especially with cryptocurrencies where the independent economics grow in a secured digital environment.

My basic idea was to create a token that is market independent and alternatively stable, while as an economist I could draw the fundamentals to accomplish the idea, as coder I could transform it into action. As a result, we have INDDAIS today. By looking closer into its guiding principles and built-in features, I think you will understand what I mean.

Chris: The main slogan is that your token flow "As simple as Rocket science" — can you back up this claim?

Mayilvahanan: Well, I am not sure which claim you would like me to back. Is it how rocket science is simple or is it how Inddais token flow is as simple as rocket science? Let me try to back both.

Setting aside all the mechanical complexities, we know how fast earth can pull something towards it (thanks to newton) and the basic idea of rocket science is all about how fast something should be to move away from earth. Simple right?

Now, Inddais has 3 smart contracts in its ecosystem (thanks to BSC network) – INIS token, Farm, and the Vault. Users buy INIS token, seed it on the farm and receive their share of BNB coins stored in the vault. Even simpler, right?

You might now want to know “How is the vault funded?”. INDDAIS is a cryptocurrency mining company, and I would say that we are surely one of the best in that. Hence, the vault is funded using the crypto revenue we generate from the mining activities we do. To be precise, 40% of the mining output we make will go into the vault regularly which is then distributed to the token holders.

Chris: What are the advantages of your system holistically? I heard you do not limit your services to just the hashpower facilitation?

Mayilvahanan: The major advantage which I wish to emphasize here is that users get BNB rewards directly by seeding their INIS tokens, hence they never have to sell their INIS tokens to book profits. Simply put, they spend BNB to buy INIS tokens and receive even more BNB forever by seeding it in the Farm.

Since we generate profits from crypto mining, and since many established crypto networks like Bitcoin, Dash or Monero mainly depend on the mining hashpower, the incoming BNB to the vault will never stop irrespective of what the market conditions are.

Further, it is understandable that anyone with access to devices and some open-source software applications can start mining on their own, but with its vast set of custom-made devices, tailored applications and eco-friendly energy resources, the performance delivered by INDDAIS Mining Farms will eventually make one to understand buying and seeding INIS will give far better results than choosing solo mining or cloud mining.

Chris: Moreover, how do the users mine/acquire Inddais Tokens?

Mayilvahanan: Users can buy INDDAIS for a fixed price of 0.001 BNB per INIS from our official website. They just need the MetaMask wallet and some BNB in it. Users can also download and install INDDAIS WALLET app from Google Play to transact INIS. The IOS app is in progress and soon it will be available for download at Appstore.

Chris: What are some revolutionary technical aspects that differentiate you from the competition?

Mayilvahanan: From my perspective, I do not believe that there is an existing competition. Crypto industry is vast, and it doesn’t have any race in place with a finish line ahead. Every crypto asset out there has its own purpose and is unique in its own ways. Moreover, there is room for everyone to grow in this horizon. Inddais too is unique with its purpose and implementation.

I sell INIS tokens to acquire additional capital so that I can add more devices to our mining farms and increase the overall income, resulting in more BNB transfers to the vault. Users buy and seed INDDAIS tokens in a trust that I will keep my promise. As long as that promise is kept, I strongly believe that INDDAIS will have a stable growth.

And again, the way the core token contract has been deployed and the conditions coded into it are revolutionary indeed. However, I might require more of your time to elaborate the benefits of each function that exist in the contract and its real-world use cases. For now, simply put, Inddais is loaded with seamless benefits that will prove profitable under multiple circumstances a holder might be in.

Chris: I truly admire when the company clearly states its mission. What is yours in simple and understandable terms? How can a user benefit by working with you?

Mayilvahanan: As a company, Inddais Crypto Ltd.’s mission is to become one among the top hashpower contributors for various POW blockchain networks in an eco-friendly environment. With INDDAIS token, its mission is to deliver a crypto venture that is fully blockchain dependent and market independent. The vision is to make decentralized economy a possibility for anyone and everyone.

Chris: Who is on your team? Can you open up on this a bit?

Mayilvahanan: As mentioned earlier, INDDAIS is mainly on crypto mining, while the whole team is focused on tasks related to that, I am the only one running the token front as of now. At these early stages, I strongly believe that no one can speak INDDAIS better than me, plus running the token front all by myself helps me get acquainted with the initial token holders, which I love the most.

Believe it or not, a few days back, I had a TG chat with a potential buyer who had many questions, he is a budding crypto investor and I had to walk through each tiny step. The chat lasted for more than an hour and finally he bought 10 INIS and seeded it. Financially, it was only a purchase worth less than $3 but the BUY didn’t happen vaguely in an assumption or with a “Going to Moon” promise, it was a well-informed purchase. And we all know that a well-informed community will withstand anything that comes in its path, and at INDDAIS that is what I am truly trying to build.

Chris: Do you invest a lot of resources in building the community? Where can it be found?

Mayilvahanan: Frankly, it’s the time that I am constantly investing in building the community, not the money. I make myself available to answer all the questions or at least as much as possible. We may have some advertising spendings here and there, but not interested in blasting ad campaigns or artificially building hype around Inddais.

When Bitcoin was introduced, people who adopted it never dreamt about where it would go or the financial benefits, they simply admired it for how it was coded, its implementation in transactional needs and to some extent its limitations as well. Now that is what we call “the well-informed community”. And that is how BTC tops all other cryptos, not because it was the first.

An attractive ad campaign might bring in more buyers but not real holders (just my idea and may not work for all business models). After all, we have only 60 million INIS for billions of potential buyers out there, hence they will find us eventually. So, no hurry.

Chris: How much is the total supply of tokens? How many can be minted in one transaction? Is there any buying limit for one investor?

Mayilvahanan: The maximum supply is 60 million tokens out of which we currently have 6 million for sale. More information on the sale stages can be found in our Whitepaper. There is no per transaction or buying limit per investor.

Chris: Before closing, do share some plans for the future of the Inddais cryptocurrency. How do you plan to expand to scope for the investors?

Mayilvahanan: From Gasless payment system, Social NFTs to Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs, we have so many in store. Once we build a strong mining foundation and confirm the consistent incoming revenue from it, we will start focusing on other services. Stay Tuned.
Rest Assured, I can confidently say that INDDAIS will surely surprise its holders with seamless benefits and will never shock them. Thank you for the opportunity and hope you got some light on INDDAIS.

Finally, when it comes to investment, never ASSUME & ACT. Always ASK, ABIDE and AFFIRM.

Best Wishes for all your crypto endeavors.

P.S. if you are looking for the meaning behind the name INDDAIS. The first part IND stands for Independent, and the second part DAIS means an elevated platform for honorable people. Thus, INDDAIS means an independent elevated platform for honorable people.