Chris Chris 04.10.2022

Our Mission to Create Passive Income for Everyone and Open up the Flood Gates of DeFi — Interview with Alex, Founder of MasRelic

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Alex: Hello everyone, my name is Alex Luy and I am the founder of MasRelic. My professional background is in technology, specifically building software for Fortune 500 companies. I am a very hands-on technical founder, which allows me to be very meticulous when building out our smart contracts. I also have a background in education where I am a Computer Science Professor for a small community college in my city(I reside in the US). My passion is blockchain technology, in which I have enjoyed building and educating on since 2017. 

Chris: Thanks for taking the time with me! Let's get right into it! What is Synthetic Real Estate and how does it jell with DeFi?

Alex: Synthetic Real Estate is a platform with multiple utilities. For Phase 1, Relicity allowed RELIC holders to stake and liquidity mine to earn RELIC Rewards.  This allows our commercial real estate pools to grow and eventually turn into assets. For Phase 2, we will be releasing mortgage payments, where US Customers can use RELIC to make their payments. This will be combined with Rental payments after we release this module and will allow RELIC Holders to utilize rewards and use their RELIC cash flow to be applied to their own assets.  This opens the doors for multiple plays where holders can take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.  We want users to hold, but we also want them to utilize RELIC so that the platform can gain customers and not just be another yielding token with no use.

The other ambitious task we are trying to tackle is SMBS which is based on Mortgage Backed Securities. Right now in crypto, when platforms provide loans like AAVE or Compound, it’s very fragmented. This provides troublesome times when you are in a bear market, and loans start to sky rocket with higher interest rates and liquidity dries up. What if there was a way to mimic what US Banks do, which is sell loans, but at the micro level? We are working behind the scenes to build infrastructure and create a proof of concept. This can open up so much opportunities to crypto investors, and of course put the RELIC Token at the forefront of this proposed DeFi Product.

What we proposed jells perfectly with DeFi, but we also want to make sure to diversify and as a platform, the RELIC token seeks opportunities to gain yield from other protocols via masternodes, yield farming, and lending.  This in turn causes our holders to gain reflections and are rewarded for holding our token. We are doing things that no one else is trying to do, because we believe we have the technical and financial aptitude to get it done.

Chris: Sweet! You got a token called a Relic Token. Could you give some info about it?

Alex: Sure, the RELIC Token is the gateway to our platform. Once you hold it, you can participate in Relicity and also use our Dapp to claim your reflections. The RELIC Token code audit report is available on our website. Right now it’s only available on the Ethereum Blockchain, but we are going to be launching on Binance. We will go live on Binance in December and we just launched on the Binance Testnet.  Very exciting times right now for the RELIC Token, we are listed on three exchanges, and will be going to another blockchain by December.

Chris: When I looked at your team it was clear you are loaded with top guns. How did you all come together and how the idea was formed?

Alex: Thanks for the complement. There were so many projects that were launched during this past bull market, and if you review them now, it’s like a graveyard, or a battleground of some sort where you see a lot of wounded soldiers on the floor. Partly because some of them made the wrong decisions or just plainly abandoned their community. As I was seeing this happen, my intention was to build something great and long lasting, meanwhile championing a great community where we can succeed together. For every crypto token, there needs to be a community behind it, and the idea is to build a product with substance and inciting our core values across the spectrum. I had to build a proof of concept, and as I started building, little by little, things started to come together. But as a founder, I recognize that I can’t do this alone, so I searched far and wide for contributors that I knew had the same philosophy as I did, which is to execute. Execute on an idea, execute on what we are trying to accomplish.  Mark Cuban said something in an interview once about him being a “ready,fire, aim” kind of guy. I am kind of the same way, and I found the right team that can have that mentality where we can take this farther than anyone has gone before. Of course, we can’t have everyone be that way because we need controls, but that is why you surround yourself with people that can shoot things down before you get carried away. 

Chris: Why DeFi?

Alex: There is a lot of uncharted territory in DeFi. I believe that DeFi is going to grow but with the right projects. The market will decide which ones stay and which ones go. For example, right now in this bear market, we are seeing which ones are sustainable.  We want RELIC to be a trailblazer in the DeFi crypto space. What better way to do that in DeFi and Real Estate?

Chris: Any exciting milestones you plan to reach this year and beginning of 2023?

Alex: Binance Smart Chain.That will be our main focal point going into 2023. We will also start knocking on doors to bring on board customers for our relicity platform. If you review the roadmap on our website, we are now in Phase 2. Here are the remaining things we want to accomplish:

  1. Binance Smart Chain
  2. 500 RELIC Hodlers
  3. Staking
  4. Aggressive Marketing Campaign
  5. 1000 Telegram Members
  6. Relicity Customers

Chris: I like the question about mistakes: what are some main mistakes you made as a business which at the same times serves a great lesson for you guys?

Alex: I also like this question because I have come to love making mistakes. It took me a long time to think like that because the brain isn’t very fond of losing. At this point, I think one of the mistakes I made was to launch on one exchange too quickly. Looking back, I perhaps would have waited a little longer, but it’s already done, and it turned out to be a learning experience.

Another mistake, I’d say I learned from immensely was letting the fud inside my headspace. When we first launched, there was a lot of fud about MasRelic, and some even thought I was an AI Generated image!  It affected me a bit, but over time I have learned to ignore it.  My standard protocol is to address it once, and then be done with it. If there is criticism, I’m good with it, as long as there is data behind it. For the most part, the community has been very good and I am thankful that they decided to join the project.

Chris: Thank you! It was great! Any last word for our readers?

Alex: Please check out our website. Read our whitepaper, and just get to know our community. This project cannot succeed without its community and without the struggle we are putting forth. We will win once we struggle together. If you believe in freedom, crypto, and are angry over what has happened in the last 6 months, then you are my ally.