Alex Metzger Alex Metzger 06.10.2022

NXD projects obtain first crypto exchange license in Dubai

The US cryptocurrency exchange owner can trade cryptocurrencies if they have a license to run a cryptocurrency exchange. Everyone who wants to offer payment services, except those who want to trade cryptocurrencies, needs a license like this.

Getting a license to run a bitcoin exchange can take a long time. We'll look at everything in more depth in the next part.

Who wants to sell services through bitcoin exchanges? Who says what about them?

The Nexus Dubai (NXD) project uses blockchain technology to shake up the traditional payment stack. By reaching this goal, the project hopes to speed up the growth of digital payment methods in the UAE, improve digital technology, and make it easier for people to talk to each other.

The founder and CEO of NXD, Mr Tatsuya Takizawa, seems hopeful about the project. Based on what Mr Takizawa said, the project will succeed. In three years, we want NXD services to be available everywhere in the UAE.

The best places to buy Nexus Dubai are MEXC Global, BingX, BYBIT, and Bitget (NXD). The NXD token can also be bought and sold on, a popular cryptocurrency exchange where people can buy and sell more than 1400 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. 

The Nexus Dubai project also wants to speed up the growth and use of cryptocurrencies by offering a wide range of solutions that are easy to use, easy to access, and very effective, as well as solutions that are made for using bitcoin in the real world. By using the UAE merchant network, you can pay quickly and easily with NXD, which many businesses in the UAE accept. This includes stores, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

Looking at the services that Nexidius can provide

Bitsmith Crypto Trading DMCC, the company that makes NXD, is based in Dubai and offers its customers a wide range of services. These services include the Spray wallet, NexFi staking services, the NXD supermarket, Metadoc, and others. Nexus Dubai wants to grow its services by investing much money in its NFT services and gaming businesses.

With the "SPRAY" payment app, how many Nexus points (NEX) you get depends on how much you pay in the company's peg currency, AEDC. You can also pay for things with AEDC. Users could get up to 3% more Nexus points, depending on how much the transaction is worth. Nex is a service that lets investors stake their NXD tokens in exchange for USDT rewards. Someone who puts NXD into their account for 90 days gets USDT back. After the interest is calculated, which is different for each amount of NXD traded, this is what happens.

On the NXD supermarket, an online market, people can buy and sell secured real estate, cars, and NFTs. Users have the chance to get interested every year by staking newly bought real estate NFT. metadoc is also a healthcare solution powered by AI in every way.  Not much time has passed since the beta version came out. Thanks to this new idea, people won't have to go to a clinic or emergency room to get the care they need. biticodes is a great way for newcomers to the cryptocurrency market to get their feet safely and securely.

Concerning Nexus Dubai

Nexus Dubai is a system that can't be controlled from just one place. The blockchain is the foundation of it. Its main goal is to help the economy grow by making it easier for people to get goods and services and spend more money.

In the United States, the federal government decides what kinds of licenses are needed for activities that involve cryptocurrencies. Aside from the rules set by the national regulator, almost every state is responsible for making its own rules. Things two and three might be different. Because of this, if a cryptocurrency exchange wants to offer its services in more than one state, it will need a license in each of those states.