Chris Chris 04.08.2022

Our Mission is to Create the Kind of Money this World has Never Seen Before — Interview with Selina, leading PR manager of Reserveum MAX

Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Selina — leading PR manager of Reserveum MAX.

Chris: Your tagline is catchy: “A community of like-minded enthusiasts”. In the world on community-based businesses, your concept seems to be extremely reasonable. What stimulated the creation of the platform? How was the idea formed?

Selina: The legend has it that this idea – creating non-inflationary money, - dawned on one of our founders when she was visiting Venezuela for work. She was witnessing what bad money policies can lead to and tried to imagine the world with a very different, fair kind of money. This is what we are trying to create.

Chris: You guys are non-profit. How are you able to keep yourself afloat?

Selina: Right now, we are working with enthusiasts, volunteers, like-minded people. It makes the process a little slower as this project is not their major occupation, but it means this is not just a brainchild, this is a love child. What they are doing they are doing because they believe it is necessary.

Chris: Who do you partner with? Our readers might want to join forces with you.

Selina: We welcome everyone who has their own unique view on the economy or one particular part of it. We have even organized an Open Call – when we invite people to send their articles to us, and we will publish them so that the authors could share their ideas with more people. And, of course, we are always in a lookout for more programmers and developers who would like to try working in a fast-developing team on an unprecedented, revolutionary project.

Chris: Who generates content/researches for you? Who is currently on the team?

Selina: Currently there is a group of independent analysts, around 4-5 people, who come up with their ideas about once a month each. But sometimes, people participate in the Open Call and then we are happy to share their point of view! So, overall, including all the people who ever came up to us with their ideas, it would be around a dozen or more.

Chris: I am interested to hear your opinion on crypto market in general. What’s going to happen in the nearest 6 months?

Selina: This is always very hard to say, and crypto market is subject to so many factors… Plus, I’m not a crypto analyst myself, I’m more in the PR field… But overall, I can say for sure, that cryptocurrencies are at the dawn of their era, and they will keep developing and merging into our lives more and more every day. It is just a matter of time, maybe 2-5 years, until every second shop would accept BTC like they accept credit cards now.

Chris: Tell us more about some unique facets of your collective mission?

Selina: Our mission is to create the kind of money this world has never seen before. So, I would say, it’s unique from top to the bottom J This thing has never happened to the world before, but we believe  – and we work hard to make it happen.

Chris: Share some of the socials/media where our readers can get to know about your community better.

Selina: The best way to stay updated with our ever-growing community is to follow all our socials:

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