Chris Chris 24.12.2022

A Token Revolutionizing the Decentralized World with the First "Learn 2 Earn" Game in Crypto — Interview with Megan, Founder & CEO of of SOWL Token

How's everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Megan Hallett — Founder & CEO of SOWL Token. Former tenured educator for 8 years, plus a crypto investor for the last 5 years. She merged her love of both education and crypto for this project.

Chris: Greetings!  SOWL Token is The First "Learn 2 Earn" Utility Token — can you let our readers know if your idea is indeed revolutionary and in what way?

Megan: We are indeed a revolutionary token because we are focused on not just being the first Learn 2 Earn utility token or education token, but we are focused on balancing educational equality across the world.  By providing our "lessons" in a fun, interactive “game” format, we are able to provide high-quality, high-tech, and blockchain-backed education around the world - regardless of wealth or status.  Some people throughout the world are limited to a proper education due to lack of funds - the SOWL Token changes that!

Chris: What problems do you solve and how? 

Megan: The primary problem we solve is the balancing of educational equality mentioned above.  But we also provide depth to the Learn 2 Earn movement.  We are creating a series of games collectively called the SOWL Educational Arcade and you can use your SOWL to play in ANY of those games.  Each game represents another topic of learning.  So for example our first game, “Saffron's Moonshot”, is a Math game.  Our second game which will be a modern-remake of Tetris, will be a Science game. We will be ranging the levels/grade levels and topics so that the entire arcade represents the education you would get in an actual school. Using gamification, we integrate real-life test questions into the game play in a seamless manner to make the learning feel more natural, which allows for higher data retention levels.  Overall, we are the new leader in Decentralized Education and we will make our impact in every country across the world!

Chris: Alright. Let's get down to technical brass tacks. What is your token and its main advantages?

Megan: We have a very strong and loyal community and we have low transaction fees of 3% buy and 5% sell that go directly to advancing our marketing and development efforts. This ensures that the company stays growing in the two most important areas a token needs. To date, we have already funded 14 marketing campaigns and have paid for our first game in full via the transaction tax.  This will have a great long and short-term gain for our market cap, which is great for our holders.

Additionally, our token can be earned through rewards in the incentivized game play that’s coming to the SOWL Educational Arcade.

Chris: Tell us about your team please. If you could shortly talk about the idea formation times — it would be cool. 

Megan: Our team is comprised of 5 people who each head up a very important job function - Executive/Strategy/Growth is for our CEO Megan Hallet, who was also a tenured educator in the state of Maryland for 7 years.  We have roles in Marketing, Design, Development, and Operations.  Our team all have at least 4 years of cryptocurrency experience.  Our operations director has, for example, over 20 years of business experience and has completed over $200 million in deal value.  Our lead developer is a full-stack engineer who has specialization in gaming with over 8 years of experience in coding games, which is the central focus of our educational platform - the SOWL Educational Arcade, which is a series of interactive educational games that all are derived from fun, trendy video games.  Our designer has over 5 years of experience and has worked on national ad campaigns for Fortune 500 companies including Exxon and Coca-Cola.  Our team all has relevant experience with a tremendous amount of business knowledge that only comes from actually working.  As a start-up we are proud to say that our team has over 35 years of collective experience and while we all work remotely, we are a true family with the same mission for SOWL in mind - to become the world leader in Decentralized Education.

Chris: How big of a role does the community play in your business? 

Megan: Our community plays a very large role in the progress we are making. I always like to say our project would not exist without them because that’s absolutely the case. A dedicated community and group of holders can be so rewarding to a project. In order to give back to our community, we like to offer incentives for sharing about our project on social media, offering bonus opportunities on special occasions, and hosting in-house AMA’s to keep the community updated. We’ve also made it a point to partner with other projects to grow and blend our communities together because we believe their is strength in numbers.

Chris: Can you share the most exciting plans on the roadmap for the upcoming months?

Megan: Over the upcoming months, you’ll be able to see the first of many games coming to our SOWL Education Arcade. Our roadmap has the arcade being unveiled in Quarter 1 of 2023 and we are very excited with the progress we’ve been making in terms of development, partnerships, and maintaining a healthy chart with a dedicated and passionate community of token holders. This Learn 2 Earn feature will not only improve the lives of our holders through education, but is also a way to earn additional tokens for doing something positive and enriching. Additionally, we are excited to share that over the next couple of months, we will continue applying of various programs, such as the MVB Program with Binance. 

Chris: Thanks! Where can we follow you? 

Megan: @sowltoken on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, and Facebook is where you can get updates from us and join the conversation!

Chris: Any last word?

Megan: Education has always historically been one of the most important components of our overall world. We have figured out a way to successfully decentralize it. Give SOWL a chance not only for the ability to potentially make a profit - but to do something great for yourself and others around the world who are seeking the same access to educational opportunities to improve their overall quality of life. This project has a promising and lengthy roadmap, as we have plans for years and years to come. This token is not looking for its 15 minutes of fame because education is something that will never go out of style. Thank you for this great opportunity to allow us to share what we’re bringing to the cryptocurrency community!