Chris Chris 27.01.2022

StarX Token is Being Developed to Stimulate and Help Rebuild the Global Tourism and Hospitality Industry — an Interview with the CEO of StarWorksGlobal

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Troy: Troy Bradbury - CEO of StarWORKS Global

Thanks Chris, I appreciate the opportunity to talk with Bitcourier. I am the CEO of StarWORKS Global and I have over 30 years of business management, sales and marketing and international trade experience.  For the past several years I have been involved in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sectors. I am passionate about the industry and believe by infusing innovation, technology and sustainability into our products and services we are well positioned for continued growth and expansion.

Chris: StarWORKS Global token works with the revival of the hospitality sector post-Covid apocalypse. How does the token integrate with the services industry? 

Troy: StarX token is the native token of our ecosystem consisting of blockchain and technology based products & services which are being developed to stimulate and help rebuild the global Tourism and Hospitality industry. By adopting innovative and smart technologies we believe the industry will benefit immensely, particularly with the current impact of COVID-19. Our world has changed and we need to adopt new technologies that can help the industry in post-COVID recovery. In this regard we have our StarTRAVELLER online travel membership program and our StarPOINTS blockchain based loyalty & rewards program - both of which will assist the services industry by helping businesses to survive and thrive by streamlining processes, become more intuitive and competitive, offer better cost efficiencies, create new opportunities, be more sustainable and provide customers with more personalised offerings, greater value and ultimately a more enhanced experience.

Chris: What kind of products and services will be on offer for the hospitality industry?

Troy: We have 2 flagship products amongst others that we are offering the Tourism and Hospitality industry: - StarTRAVELLER is an exclusive online travel club offering huge savings & convenience to members with a raft of features and benefits on an easy to navigate platform. These include up to 75 percent savings on hotel bookings backed by a best price guarantee, options from over one million hotels and properties, integrated reward points, personal concierge, a one-stop booking platform for flights, car hire, accommodation, tours, activities, travel insurance and much more. We had a soft launch last year and are restructuring with more features to include a staking functionality for members allowing up to 10% annual interest paid in our native StarXT secured token, purchase the membership using crypto payment and more

StarPOINTS is our blockchain based loyalty & rewards points program.  Traditional loyalty & reward point programs have been around for a long time but have limitations in efficiencies and high costs in management.  Our blockchain based program offers a raft of features including -  Ease of use with one online app to replace physical cards / Full transparency and security for both customers and merchants / Non-expiring reward points / Low maintenance costs / Global access and much more.  Our primary focus is to apply our StarPOINTS program to various businesses within the Tourism & Hospitality markets.

Chris: When is the launch of the token? What is the expected price of the token? How much will be the associated fee?

Troy: StarX listed on the LATOKEN exchange on 24 December 2021 at USD0.21

Chris:  How can investors purchase StarX tokens?

Troy: StarX can be purchased from LATOKEN exchange or directly from StarWORKS Global -

Chris: We read that your model is a scalable B2B and B2C model. How do you scale up as business grows in the USD 9 trillion-dollar global industry?

Troy: We have a globally scalable B2C and B2B business model in terms of customer acquisition and developing our merchant network as we commercialise products from within our ecosystem.  Blockchain technology allows us a platform to easily facilitate this in various countries across the globe without the need for brick & mortar operations. Our plans are to trial products domestically within Indonesia and then launch into other strategic regions such as Australia, UK, USA etc where there are opportunities to take into account local market conditions and people that we already have on the ground.

Chris: Has StarWORKS Global begun their partnerships in the Hospitality sector? What is your marketing plan?

Troy: Our overall marketing strategy is to build our brand awareness and to educate our customers as to the value proposition that our StarX token and the various products and services within the ecosystem offer the Tourism & Hospitality sectors. To this end we are focusing on building our community by taking advantage of various social media platforms, listing on crypto analytic sites like CoinGecko, CoinRanking, CMC and engaging in other marketing initiatives such as interviews, editorials and leveraging off strategic partnerships we have formed within Tourism & Hospitality to grow our awareness and customer base. We are currently working with one such partner now to trial and launch our StarPOINTS blockchain loyalty program which will also provide substantial marketing opportunities for our business.

Chris: In the end, this huge project must be having a well experience team onboard. Who are your core team members? What are their contributions to StarWORKS Global tokens?

Troy: Team and culture is very important and we are lucky to have an international melting pot of professionals with diverse skill sets.  A brief profile of some of key executives include:-

- Graham Bristow – founder, 40 + years experience in technology sector , 20+ tourism, driving force behind establishment of business

- Troy Bradbury – CEO – 30+ years business experience in management, marketing &  international trade.  For past 5 years involved in the tourism industry.

- Darren Selby – COO - 30+ years business development, management, sales & marketing experience

- Fransiska Lamora – President of StarLABS – heart of business that manages all technology & blockchain development, marketing and administration. Strong background in multimedia & computer programming and heads our innovations team

- Chandra Kusuma – CTO – 9 years experience with strong background in software development, hardware and network infrastructure

- Gunadi Wirawan – Head Blockchain Developer – strong background in software development, cryptography, algorithms and data.

- Lukas Dombrowski – CMO – has extensive experience within marketing, digital advertising, strategy & execution coupled with a strong understanding and passion for crypto & technology

- Mark Canning – SEO Expert – extensive SEO background and has worked for Fortune 500 companies

- Catherine Graham – Loyalty, Data Strategist & Customer Insights Consultant. Catherine has been the head architect for many global loyalty and rewards point programs and offers a wealth of experience to StarWORKS Global