Chris Chris 17.01.2022

We are a Full Cryptoproject and Not a Token, Because we Want full Control of What and How Data is Handled — Interview with Michael, Espers Сo-Founder

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Michael: Michael Bos / Sneil, Official Team Member as web/second developer, IT lover and building software since two years in Python and C++.

Chris: Espers offer a secured messaging service through a blockchain project? Why did you work towards this specific idea? What is your inspiration?

Michael: Yes, we are working on that. We love the idea that people are in control of what they do and how they do it. That is why we think a secure way of messaging on the chain gives a bit of extra control.

Chris: How do Espers ensure a secure space in messaging services? Please explain the technical details in simple terms.

Michael: Blockchain itself is already really safe because of the cryptography that is the root for any chain. This way our chain secures the messages, if you trust your currency with a chain, you can certainly trust a message with a chain. Since we have our own written algorithm (HMQ-1725) an extra layer of security is added.

Chris: That’s quite interesting, so how does one buy Espers token?

Michael: You can buy them on Exbitron, Vindax and BTCPOP. We have pairings with ETH / DOGE / USDT / BTC. We are talking with bigger exchanges to list us too. We are a full cryptoproject and not a token, because we want full control of what and how data is handled. We have used the bitcoin core as a start and have rewritten a big part of the source code.

Chris: Furthermore, where can I stake my Espers?

Michael: Staking can be done in your own wallet or through Evonodes.

Chris: What is the Web3 Fractal Engine that enhances user experience in communication and messaging? How does it aim to change the blockchain space altogether?

Michael: The Web3 Fractal Engine is an major extension to our blockchain. It will allow to users to store anything on chain. NFT’s, Messages and even websites. We aim to change to blockchain space by making Site-on-Chain possible and by really storing the data on the chain. So we will not store a link to a file on a server as an NFT, but we store the complete NFT on the chain. Which makes our blockchain operational on it’s own. No other servers or players are needed. NFT’s are in the chain and are really a property of the user, not a file on a server of which the users owns the link.

Chris: What is the cost of each Esper token? How much do you charge as fees?

Michael: Currently it is really cheap, the price point is around 0,000098$ at 17-01-2022 with a trading volume ranging between 300 to 500 $ a day. We charge no fees except for what the exchanges ask.

Chris: In the end, please share some of your marketing initiatives that aim at making Espers well known in the crypto marketplace.

Michael: We are working with different exchange to make it easier to buy Espers we are setting up the social media channels to do more marketing there. An big AMA will also be available in our Discord at the beginning of February.

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