Chris Chris 18.12.2021

Through Avatars, you can Basically Tokenize even Your Own Digital Version of Yourself — a Remarkable talk with Stefan from TipsyLabs!

We've had a chance to speak with Stefan Rocheanu – CEO and founder at TipsyLabs

Stefan is a QM manager and auditor with over 7 years of experience in business analytics and marketing strategy. He's a  mastermind behind Tipsy and a visionary for the next generation of entertainment.

Chris: Tipsy is the project designed specifically for adult content users, how did you come across this idea? What are the roots of it?

Stefan: Tipsy is the one stop entertainment platform for the adult in you. Designed as a Metaverse with its own financial ecosystem, it gathers within the best adult related services, media, merchandise, apps and games.

Tipsy was born out of the constant annoying search for the right, trustworthy provider, the all-too-common security issues and also because of the lack of innovation in today's industry.

Together with our team of talented, creative and experienced innovators, we are working hard to make Tipsy become the virtual wonderland we envisioned from day one: a place where only the desired high-quality services, apps and games can be found, through an open-source model and a community driven voting system.

Chris: In simple terms — what problem does your platform solve?

Stefan: The part of the answer is already found in the question - the need for a PLATFORM, namely one that acts as a complete ecosystem. We designed Tipsy to be a Metaverse, the one-stop entertainment platform for the adult in you, with an entire ecosystem built around adult desires.

Tipsy was born out of the constant annoying search for the right, trustworthy provider, security issues and also because of the lack of innovation in today's industry. With the use of Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence - Virtual Assistant and possibility of higher earnings and lower fees for users, Tipsy is set in its tracks to become a pioneer in the adult entertainment industry.

Chris: Your website is rather amazing. Was it a matter of a deliberate decision-making to invest into marketing/positioning before you even started, or did it happen as a result of iteration cycles?

Stefan: Our current website is the result of weeks of brainstorming and creation, and, of course, it took multiple iterations until it could be released to the public.

Now we have a next generation of the website almost ready to be launched. It is modern, concise and it presents the essential information in a more efficient way.

Chris: 18+ content and blockchain seem to be a perfect math. How come no one came across this idea? I guess I am asking of you have competitors and if so, what is your competitive edge?

Stefan: There are a few players in both industries, blockchain and adult content, but they are not trying to solve the same problems we do. We address these certain problems in a unique manner: by proposing an all-encompassing virtual ecosystem.

In terms of what defines our competitive edge, it is precisely our efforts to offer a solution for the whole industry. Because it is a big and time-consuming task, we chose to do it on modules, which will allow us to deliver the best possible results: TipsyWorld, TipsyCam, TipsyXchange, TipsyFans, TipsyMarket.

Chris: On a general note — what, in your opinion, are the most promising asset categories to be tokenized?

Stefan: Once we are able to take the leap into a virtual world, an immersive alternative to our everyday routine, you can basically “take with you” everything that you find in the real world and even more. Through avatars, you can basically tokenize even your own digital version of yourself.

Chris: What are the strengths and weaknesses of current implementations of blockchain technology?

Stefan: I find this depends from blockchain to blockchain. For instance, Ethereum and BTC have higher fees and slow transaction. Other blockchains have fast transaction and lower fees, but the security is not that good. Others, on the other hand, are not so decentralized. We have decided to go multi-chain so that we can switch very fast between them, depending on the necessity at a given time.  For transactions going in and out of our ecosystem, we chose binance smart chain. It is very popular and also very cheap but for intern transactions, we will mainly use the Elrond network which is super-fast. For special NFT collections and credentials tokens, we will use the Ethereum blockchain… you can guess why.

Chris: As we wrap up, what kind of partnerships are you looking for and do you have any plans specifically for the UK market?

Stefan: We are constantly looking for interesting technologies to implement in our ecosystem and anything that leads to innovation and even more fun, when it comes to adult entertainment but also security solutions. Those kinds of collaborations.

In terms of plans specifically for the UK market… I think we are going to grow to a very big international project so specifically not really, but we will have to make sure that we are perfectly legal and respect the laws of each country we will be active in. This can be tricky since almost each country has different opinions on how to deal with taxes for example. But that is the beauty of a relatively young market. The only way is up.