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We are Primarily an Infrastructure Project that Relieves the Specific hardships of a Game Developer — an Interview with the CEO of

Dan Andrianov, CEO of shares his perspective on the company and the market in general. Enjoy the full interview text below. 

Chris from BitCourier: is a project designed specifically for players and developers. How did you come across this idea? What are the roots of it?

Dan: I would like to make a small amendment right away for players, developers and also brands that would like to interact with their fan base via NFT. This is also an important part of our audience.
Recognizable brands can create their own virtual world within our meta-universe for their fan base. If we talk about sports brands, we are offering such a product as NFT Sports. That is, we are developing virtual competitions in collaboration with our gaming provider True Lab, where fans will be able to buy dynamic NFT cards of their heroes to compete with other players like the good old-fashioned Fantasy Sport mechanics. For any other brands, our game designers will make up their own gamification plots. This is going to be really exciting!
We came up with this idea when we began to solve infrastructure problems while trying to release NTF within the games of the True Lab company. We wanted to do it seamlessly and as user-friendly as possible, without complicated use cases like buying cryptocurrencies and sending players to third-party marketplaces.

Chris from BitCourier: You mentioned this a bit in a previous answer, but can you elaborate more on your TA? What specific value do you bring to the table as a service? Can I call you a service, after all?

Dan: Yes, we are primarily an infrastructure project that relieves the specific hardships of a game developer. We have been in the entertainment industry for a long time as a game provider and we know all the problems from the inside. At first, we began to solve them for ourselves, but, as often is the case, the solutions upgraded and eventually we developed a base that just cannot be used solely — it has value for the entire GameFi industry.

Chris from BitCourier: Your website is really minimalistic and compact. Why is that so? Does it have something to do with the positioning of the project in general?

Dan: We launched our website just a week ago, and it’s too early to talk about how it reflects our positioning. But if we talk about our love for minimalism, or rather, for functionalism, then yes, our projects always have a distinctive feature — the love for details and user-friendly interfaces. Before releasing something, we work out dozens of use cases and scenarios, collect feedback from our advisers, invite employees to beta testing, and only after making sure the product is convenient to use, we prepare the release.

Chris from BitCourier: What's your take on DeFi? How did the DeFi movement change the industry? Is it over?

Dan: DeFi is just the beginning of a change in the industry. The technologies are being developed very quickly, but their adoption by people's minds is much slower. After DeFi comes GameFi, after GameFi there will be another word ending with Fi and this will keep on going for a very long time.
We need to understand that there has to be the right time for any technology. Now this time has just come and this movement just begins to gain momentum.

Chris from BitCourier: What, in your opinion, are the most promising asset categories to be tokenized?

Dan: As for today, NFT is one of the most promising assets. NFT can be used in a huge number of categories, ranging from objects of art, where it all began, to special access codes within the ACS systems. It’s all a matter of expediency, common sense and the right moment.
Personally, I believe that the greatest spread of this technology will fall on GameFi and advertising activities of brands that want to monetize their audience. That is the exact field where the most interesting virtual battles for the user's attention will be unleashed between the multinational corporations. 😉

Chris: Here's the question for you: what are the strengths and weaknesses of current implementations of blockchain technology?

Dan: This is a very complex question that requires a very complex answer. One could write a whole dissertation on this topic. 😂
In short, blockchain technology is with us for life, whether we want it or not. This technology can only be compared with the discovery of Nicolaus Copernicus, who initiated the first scientific revolution. We are just at the very beginning of this revolutionary path with our strengths and weaknesses, which will evolve for a very long time.

Chris: I wonder if you have UK-based projects in your portfolio? Do you plan to get any?

Dan: Not yet, but we are actively looking at this market in terms of sports brands. Just imagine what projects we can launch together with English football clubs! What if we build soccer stadiums for them in virtual space and sell the seats as NFT assets? What if these NFTs would allow a fan's name to be engraved on the seat of a real stadium? Or selling team sponsorship packages in the form of NFTs where a fan can buy the right to have his name stamped on a jersey of his favorite team? NFT Sports opens up tremendous opportunities for English football teams, and not only football!

Chris: As we wrap up, what kind of partnerships are you looking for and do you have any plans specifically for the UK market?

We are open to any kind of partnership with English sports brands, and not only sports ones.

The options we offer:

Monetization of the fan base by distributing Dynamic NFT Assets, that can be linked to anything from event tickets and merch to meet & greets and autograph sessions;
Loyalty systems based on NFT with gamification mechanics, including virtual fights of favorite athletes and teams;
Capture of the new audiences and expanding connections with the new digital generation, who cannot imagine their life without new technologies, cryptocurrencies and GameFi;
And many other endless possibilities that NFT opens up.