Chris Chris 21.11.2022

An Innovative Way to Invest and Build in Crypto — Interview with Marph, Community Manager of Wolf Ventures

What's good in the hood, folks? I'll tell you what. Today my guest is Marph — Community Manager of Wolf Ventures.

Worked around the world in the sports tourism sector and was the directing manager of a business in Mauritius before Corona started. Since then, he went down the rabbit hole, met amazing people and decided to put his effort and knowledge into the project that would later be known as Wolf Ventures.

Chris: Greetings! Your site says that you 'create, incubate, and profit from innovations and opportunities in the crypto space' — how do you do it exactly? 

Marph: The general idea behind Wolf Ventures is to give users who are less familiar with DeFi and Crypto a simple and easy way to invest and profit. 
We are operating on Fantom Opera since almost exactly one year now (24th is anniversary). During this year we were able to create a network of fellow DeFi enthusiasts, investors, and developers. Wolf Ventures formed partnerships and friendships with other projects and teams which enables us to stay ahead of the herd. 
In a nutshell, Wolf Ventures uses their resources to identify good investmensts as early as possible, offer other protocols help in the form of services we sell, including Design and Development services, and uses the protocol owned treasury to trade promising tokens and yield farm. These profits are then used to be distributed to our token holders, to compound the treasury value, buy back our token $WV and enhance the protocols runway in the form of team overhead.

Chris: Sounds interesting! Tell us about the early days of the business. How was the idea formed?

Marph: It almost exactly a year ago that Multichain Capital MCC launched on Ethereum as first “Farming as a Service” protocol. Our protocol designer Frank was quick to see the huge potential this model has and decided to bring the same idea to Fantom to make it a lot more accessible to the average person, remember: Ethereum fees were no joke back then. 
Over the course of a year we saw additional potential and decided to move away from the “FaaS” model to a Ventures model to truly use all our resources in the most efficient way possible.

Chris: You encourage people to 'Invest in our Treasury and Ventures'. What are the benefits of such investments?

Marph: When you buy our token $WV, it gives you access to multiple benefits. First, our metrics based reward strategy. In short, your percentage holding of total supply is your share of the treasury and by extension the profits made. In total Wolf Ventures has given our holders well above 150.000 $USDC as claimable rewards already and we are not stopping short until we have added at least 1 zero to that number.  

Chris: Cool. Can you tell our readers about some lessons that you learned along the way? 

Marph: Security is king! Last year alone billions of dollars got exploited, hacked or rugged in DeFi. Seeing projects left and right, loose huge sums of money, makes you extra careful and consider additional security measures. The Wolf Ventures treasury, for example, is almost completely stored on hard wallets with two more layers of defense. Until now we have managed to steer clear of hazards and dangers and will continue to do so. DeFi is a place rich and full of opportunity, but on its flipside there are many dangers, everyone should try to stay away from. 

Chris: How big of a role does the community play in your business? 

Marph: Wolf Ventures and its community are in a symbiotic relationship. Without our community, we wouldn’t be as successful and known as we are, plain and simple. Additionally, our community members are encouraged to actively contribute to our success. For example, if a community member forwards us any client, which purchases one of our services, this community member earns a commission. Our telegram groups and discord server is used to give our holders a forum to discuss investment options and engage in the usual crypto banter. 

Chris: What is the next big thing for you according to the roadmap?

Marph: Well, the next big thing… Our anniversary is on the 24th of November, so this is what we are looking forward to in the short term. In the medium to long term, we have multiple plans. Of course, finding more revenue streams for our treasury is always on our to-do list. On top we are in the process of implementing a staking mechanism for our token. This is done to facilitate a fair rewards distrubtion for our holders. Furthermore, we are looking for ways to make buying $WV from other chains as simple as possible.  

Chris: Thanks! Where can we follow you? 

Marph: Chris, thank you very much for the interview and your time. 
You can find us on Telegram, Discord, Medium, and on Twitter .