Chris Chris 10.08.2022

The Key Functions of the Platform are to Create Maximum Comfort and Security for the User — Interview with Alex, Founder of the ALF web3 project

How's everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Alex — Founder of the ALF web3 project.

Chris: From the first glance at your website, I got goosebumps. Tell us about the ambitious mission you set to accomplish with Alf Web3 Project.

Alex: Our mission is to create Yields Farming, a P2E game and a marketplace, that is, all on one platform. In the future, we will add different products. But the thing is that this is WEB 3.0, that is, the user using our platform does not enter anywhere and does not transfer his data. For example, in the game, the user's account is his crypto wallet, and no more data.

Chris: Along the same lines, what are the key features of the platform that our readers might want to try out themselves?  

Alex: The key functions of the platform are to create maximum comfort and security for the user, no matter what he does on our platform.

Chris: "Relax and do good money" — is an enticing catchphrase. How real is the promise, though? Who are your best partners/investors? Which experience should they possess to take advantage of your system?

Alex: Yes, it is, and it is all real. Firstly, this is again Yield Farming, and secondly, this is a game. A video teaser of the beginning of the game is already available, and a demo version will be released this month.

The game is not ordinary, and we are sure that users will have fun and earn money at the same time. Everything happens almost like in reality, business, work, family, it's all there, in our virtual world, but the highlight is that the game starts only once, and no one will ever see the beginning of this game again. That is, if a user comes to the game, let's say in a year, then he will fall into the time of development, in which this game will already be. We are building on Unreal Engine 5.0.2 and we have all the resources to build such a game. It will be a huge world. We don’t have any partners yet, but in the future we will attract such giants as Microsoft, for example, that is, the user in the game can work remotely for this company.

I cited Microsoft as an example. To take part in the game, you must first buy a plot. Plots of land in the form of NFTs will also be available for sale soon. There won't be many of them.

Chris: You got so many things in the pipeline, but how everything started? Tell us about the early days of the project and how did the idea come around?

Alex: Yes, there is a lot of work, you are right! But we will overcome all obstacles, I say this with confidence. We have a strong team. And this idea came when I saw almost monotony in the GameFi sector. You have no idea what the first days of the project were like. We were preparing for the pre-sale, we spent a lot of money on useless marketing. Why useless? Because we had a mistake. As a result, the preliminary sale turned out to be unsuccessful. With the help of one company, we launched a project without pre-sales.

Chris: One of my favorite questions is: what are some mistakes you have made along the journey that you can openly admit and advice other entrepreneurs to be wary of?

Alex: Yes, I was just talking about the error. So guys. The mistake was that we did the wrong marketing campaign to attract investors. This is my main and only my mistake. Of course, if you have a couple of million dollars, then you can make such mistakes, but when the budget is limited, it is better to think everything over in advance and not to rush in any case. Advice to entrepreneurs - guys, immediately look for a good marketing company with many years of experience and good previous results. Never let yourself be seduced by private marketers. There are a lot of scams around now, be careful.

Chris: Tell us about your team. Any interesting stories about how you all came together?

Alex: In our team, to be precise, not 9 people, but much more. There are already 32 of us in total, not counting the staff. Most of us are game developers. I knew some of the guys for a long time, and I met some on the Epic Games forum. I drove a couple more people in a car in heavy rain. It was not a simple acquaintance. I was driving home in the evening from another city, it was already dark on the street and at dusk I saw two people, a guy and a girl, in the rain, on the track with a broken motorcycle. I invited them to sit in the car soaked to the skin. When we were driving, they did not talk to each other about their motorcycle, but talked about Solidity, python, html, in general, about programming languages.

I got into a conversation with them, well, that's how we became one team. It was Victoria and Robert.

Chris: What will be the biggest achievement for your team this year and next year?

Alex: The biggest achievement this year, or rather the biggest achievements this year, will be several events:

1. The launch of the demo version of the game.

2. Launching the Yield Farming application.

3. Marketplace launch.

4. Issuance of NFTs.

5. Listing on two major exchanges. Next year, the most important thing will be the launch of the full version of the game. In other words, there will be many events next year.

Chris: Where can our readers get to know more about your progress an follow your crew members?

Alex: Our site has all the official links where you can follow us, but there is one more thing. We are creating a forum for the project, and in the near future we will leave only the channel in the telegram. We are liquidating the group, so we are once again convinced that there is a lot of fraud, spam and flooding in the telegram. This place is not for our project.