Alex Metzger Alex Metzger 09.08.2022

Crypto firm Chiliz nabs $100M stake in FC Barcelona digital studio

Cryptocurrency is a notable investment model. The token came into the limelight in 2009. Bitcoin became the first token to enter the global investment market. Along with Bitcoin investments, various other services gained popularity. Every crypto token uses the blockchain philosophy and decentralized finance to enable transactions with platform like

The transactions are end-to-end digital and do not include central banks. The tokens are transferred from one digital wallet to another. All these transactions are undertaken on the web. Each user transaction is validated through crypto mining. It involves solving complex mathematical problems to complete a transaction. Data miners across the globe are connected on the net to complete user transactions.

With the growing popularity of cryptos, the number of tokens also increased. As we speak, there are more than 14k+ crypto tokens in the global market. 

Usage of cryptocurrencies

The use of cryptos has increased multi-fold. Earlier, crypto tokens have only used as a medium of investment. But as time passed, various merchants today accept digital payments. Many online shopping sites today accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for goods and services. The payment gateway is also revamped to accept digital payments through cryptos. Additionally, many leading companies including Microsoft and Tesla accept crypto payments. Considering the growing interest, it would not be wrong to assume that crypto is in line with being legal tender. 

Cryptos in the gaming industry 

Blockchain, the working philosophy of crypto attracted many. As we progress in 2022, the number of developers involved in blockchain gaming has increased. There has been a substantial increase in the number of blockchain gaming start-ups. These companies have received an investment of more than $400 million in 2021. 

The crypto gaming industry works to bring two worlds together. The gaming platform and digital currency, an investment that is worth playing. 

Barcelona ($BAR) crypto token

If you have been a football lover, then Barcelona is not a new team to you. And if you are a football and crypto lover, then you are aware of $BAR. The crypto token provides you with the ability to help your favorite players. The token gives you the power to help the player take the right decision. There is also access to a VIP experience, and earn tokens on the go. 

The token will also give you access to products and services. The Fan token gives you complete power to influence the way the game is played. As a player, you are likely to gain the following advantages.

Benefits of owning a BAR token

Yes, let us look at a few benefits that you gain by owning a BAR token. As an owner, you gain complete control of the token along with a share for you to influence the team. You can take the right investment decisions by being the anchor. Your investment decision can help you gain rewards. So earn the right rewards by making the right decisions. The last and final reward, you get to become a part of the community. You are gaining access to communities that are fellow Barcelona lovers. 

Crypto firm Chiliz to invest in Barca Studios

Yes, another interesting news for Barcelona lovers. The famous crypto firm Chiliz has agreed to invest $100 million in Barca studios. It will allow Chiliz to acquire more than half of Barca studios. The deal includes acquiring a studio involved in audio and visual media and digital marketing. 

The investment decision comes two years after Socio's collaboration with the club in 2020. The current investment will allow the club to focus on better digital products. The development team will build NFTs and metaverse that are engaging and user-friendly. The approach will also attract larger investments in the community. 

Soon after the deal was closed, an official announcement was made on the Barcelona Twitter page as well. The investment will allow making better growth opportunities in NFT, web 3, and audio-visual. 

According to an official release, fans have already purchased crypto BAR tokens. As we write this article, there is a community of more than $40 million in crypto tokens. By purchasing these tokens, fans gain access to various benefits including VIP tickets. Community and fans also gain access to Barcelona merchandise. If you are lucky, crypto owners can also gain access to play on the same pitch at the Barcelona base stadium.