Chris Chris 27.01.2022

BabyCoin is One of the Few Cryptocurrencies that are Intended, and Optimized for CPU Mining — Interview with Florian, Babycoin Сo-Founder

Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Florian Malard / Synthaze, Lead developer, PhD in Biochemistry & Academic researcher.

Chris: What is the idea behind the development of Babycoin cryptocurrency? Please share an overview.

Florian: Nowadays cryptocurrencies are known to the general audience. However, people willing to significantly contribute through mining, for instance, are limited due to the need for specialized hardware such as cost-expensive GPUs or ASIC devices. BabyCoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies that are intended, and optimized for CPU mining, therefore offering a place for anyone willing to play a role in the network, and get the subsequent reward that can be converted in fiat currencies.

Beyond this first aspect, we are aware of that people are attracted by cryptoassets if they feel that it could help them to fullfil their personnal goals. Many new cryptos are technology-based, meaning that they first focus on some innovation that they think is groundbreaking, and they expect success as a logical consequence. While BabyCoin is a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency, we think that more people are sensitive to the soft-side of things: they want to recognize themselves in the branding, they want to feel like they understand why we made it, and they want to feel in.

That is the reason why we released BabyCoin, a meme coin. We all love our BABYs, and they give it back to us, even more that we did in the first place!

Chris: It is stated that the Babycoin network is secure, private, and untraceable. What technology goes behind ensuring this?

Florian: BabyCoin is a fork of Monero/Arqma cryptocurrencies. Like its parents, BabyCoin shares the same technology that is focused on network safety, transaction privacy and untraceability. In contrast, Bitcoin, Ethereum and the majority of existing cryptocurrencies have transparent blockchains, transactions can be verified and/or traced by anyone willing to, potentially linking sending and receiving addresses to real world identities. Unlike, BabyCoin uses diverse privacy-enhancing technologies such as stealth addresses ring signatures and ringCT, ensuring the anonymity of its users and the impossibility to trace back real world identities.

Chris: Furthermore, how is Babycoin a circular business?

Florian: We use a quote from Penelope Learch on our web page - who is not affiliated to this project - in line with the meme character of BabyCoin. We make fun on that loving your BABYs is a circular business because the more you love them, the more they give it back to you. This is true for your real word BABYs, but also for your crypto BABYs. The more you love your BabyCoin, the less you sell it, and so the more it grows and loves you back by increasing its value!

Chris: What have been your marketing initiatives to make Babycoin popular? Do you have collaborations that your potential investors can identify?

Florian: BabyCoin was born on December 23rd, 2021. BabyCoin is still a BABY at the moment. Since its birth, we have been focused on deployment, community building, announcement on major forum and social media, and listing on cryot-exchange platforms. We have been successfull for all this, with thousands of downloads for our release product, hundreds of members on our chat groups, as much miners on our mining pools and we are now listed on two exchanges and four markets. We are still looking for new partnerships and peoples willing to contribute, prior to lead a massive advertising/marketing campaign on many of the media we did not invest in yet. It has been a tough time since deployment date, and we just completed all basics that allow us to enter the highway now!

Chris: Furthermore, how can users buy a Babycoin? Please help with the step-by-step process.

Florian: Buying BabyCoin is simple since we are listed on two cryto-exchanges at the moment. Anyone can register at or and deposit crypto funds as in any other crypto-exchange. On these two platforms, we have BABY/USDT and BABY/BTC markets. By browsing to, or searching for those market on the exchange, anyone can create new buy orders and buy some BABYs with USDT or BTC. People may then withdraw their BabyCoin using their BabyCoin address. Such address can be easily obtained by installing the BabyCoin GUI wallet available at You will then get your BABYs on your local wallet, and you can keep them safe until you are ready to get the expected returns!

Chris: What will be the price of 1 Babycoin? Is there a minting limit per user?

Florian: At the moment, 1 BABY is valued at 0.01$ on the exchanges. There is no minting limit per user. The maximum supply of BabyCoin is 55 000 000, while less than 800 000 have been emitted so far. And I take the opportunity: the BabyCoin premine was very low, with 100 000 coins or 0.18% of the max supply. That was for us necessary to make everyone sure that the founders of the coin are acting honestly, and we never deployed BabyCoin to make money for our personnal benefit. Therefore this very low premine.

Chris: Finally, what is the future roadmap for Babycoin? What are some key milestones you want to achieve with this cryptocurrency?

Florian: We now are running ahead of schedule, which is good. Until the end of Q1 2022 we think about being listed on other exchanges, such as TradeOgre. We are also working at improving some aspects of the project at the moment, like our website We a are also releasing missing builds for MacOS and 32-bits builds for the raspberry pi. Until the end of Q1 2022, we will work on that, in addition to reinforcing our server infrastructure and spreading trusted nodes in all corners of the world.

For the mid-term, we are planning to massively spread BabyCoin on appropriate forums and boards, are well as engaging collaborations with crypto-media as we are doing now with BitCourrier. There is a room for improvements on this side, and there is a lot of work for our team in investing that side.

And if we talk about long-term, let say: that is difficult to make long-term plans when dealing with BABYs. Everyone knows that. What we are sure about is that we will take our time, to make the smartest decisions at the right time. But BABY can trust us, we will not give away. No one would give their BABY away, and I hope that we all agree on this!