Alex Metzger Alex Metzger 28.10.2021

Expert Opinion on Limitations of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is known to have a limited presence for consumers. As per reports, Bitcoin will get its next mining in 2140, with the collection reaching 21 M to be precise. It makes the digital coin unique and exciting in the Cryptocurrency domain. Thus this brings the debate, Bitcoin’s circulation has a limited circulation. At the same time, we will see an added number of people piling up the number of Bitcoins. By the end of 2140, you will see more people mining bitcoin on this planet. So, when we compare what goes next, Bitcoin would remain in the correct phase. Thus, considering this argument, we now hear that Bitcoin will remain for everyone and remain among few numbers. As per an estimate, by 2140, every three persons out of five will have Bitcoin in their wallets.  Now, the big question to check, is 21 million Bitcoin is enough for the different human race. 

The Beauty of Divisibility 

Bitcoin protocol has a tremendous amount of capital via the transactions that come all over the digital borders. It comes through one of the critical elements called divisibility. It is a feature that remains the critical feature of any money, fiat currency, commodity, and digital currency, which adds value and converts them into exchangeable money. To understand the exchange value of goods, issues like varying values remain intact. You can further break it away into small size units for better accountability.  For adopting and encouraging the practical application, the feature of divisibility remains critical, especially for government related cases like Yuan-Pay.  As a single Bitcoin can remain a currency option, Bitcoin divisibility remains critical. Just as we break the dollar bill into small-dollar bills, you can break it into hundred pennies. 

The value of a single bitcoin has developed in a big way, and you have the choice of buying a fraction of the same with the digital currency rather than the complete Bitcoin at one go. Bitcoin can divide as small as you can, making it a perfect option for small-time payment. The divisibility linked with Bitcoin can reach its maximum supply along with other factors, including block reward. Bitcoin, in its initial days, had a different calculation in terms of cost and value. The divisibility of Bitcoin is an exciting factor that contributes a lot when it comes to adopting it in a big way. It is not possible with fiat currencies. The services about online monetization and global remittance services can benefit you a lot from this kind of feature. 

We see many more successful currencies remaining divisible in trivial size units. For the functioning of the single coin in the right shape, you need different values and goods that remain within the set economy. Divisibility remains critical when we further break down the 21 Million of Bitcoin in a more significant way. It may appear small when we compare it with the fiat currencies globally, yet in terms of value, Bitcoin is way ahead. Interestingly, Bitcoin is also available in a fraction of coins. You can divide by 8 or 10 decimal points. It further allows people to enjoy its benefits all across the world. It is the crucial reason Bitcoin seems to come up with large divisibility when we compare it with the US dollar like any other fiat currency. 

The traditional border payment option that comes as a solution needs a lower level amount, and it can even generate a good level of fee. It ends up making the digital currency a non-feasible choice. However, Bitcoin is likely to evolve in the coming days. If you look at the universe, it has more than two trillion galaxies and has a hundred billion stars. With these vast numbers, the calculations become complex to understand. Hence we further divide the 21M Bitcoins into small parts; it can be similar to any galaxy found in this universe. It is an insane number and thus becomes difficult to wrap up further. The fact is there is enough room for everyone when it comes to Bitcoin. It is only possible if you further split the bitcoin into small fractions. Thus it would be fair to say that Bitcoin gives equal opportunity to everyone on this planet. However, who can afford it or not is a different story.