Chris Chris 30.01.2023

The First Interactive Multiplayer Crypto P2E Game, in Which the Results are Determined by the Player — Interview with Anthony, Strategic Advisor of Coinracer

How's everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Anthony "Mr. Dip" Francis — Strategic Advisor/Web3 Gaming KOL at Coinracer.

Professional Background: Business Development, Sales, and Marketing.

Chris: Hi there! Thanks for taking the time with me. Your website is flat out amazing! Can you tell us what the users can Race, Win, Earn? 

Anthony: Hey, thank you for the kind words, my friend! We're always working hard to make sure we keep the website fresh, updated, and leading the industry in quality and utility. You can expect to see more content and improvements as time progresses.

As for what our Coinracers can race, win, and earn?! Well, that is simple: with Coinracer Reloaded preparing for launch in Q1 2023, we're getting ready to present users the opportunity to play a Web3 racing game like no other, to potentially earn real cash rewards! How we intend to do that is by providing the ability to swap an in-game currency to a liquid token on the BNB Chain. This in-game currency can be purchased via that same token, credit card, or debit card. The ecosystem will consist of a variety of game modes, including: street racing, rally racing, a demolition survival mode, and a cooperative team game called "FUD Ball" (inspired by football/soccer), and players can contribute game currency towards a prize pool and compete to win their share of said prize pool through these various game modes.

Chris: It's said that you are "low-poly-style blockchain" — what does this mean exactly? 

Anthony: The phrase "low-poly-style" refers to the visual aesthetics of the game. With a focus on user experience and gameplay over visual fidelity, the product is intended to tap into the feelings of nostalgia we all know and love from our childhood favourites: Mario Kart, Need for Speed, and Twisted Metal. "Blockchain," of course, refers to the utilization and integration of blockchain technologies found in the Web3 industry. This component is especially dear to our hearts, as our vision of the future of gaming includes new values, such as: asset ownership, interoperability, composability, and earning mechanics.

Chris: Alright. What are your Game modes available? 

Anthony: To start: our early alpha version of the game will be introducing eight player street racing and demolition survival game modes. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, future game updates will include: offroad rally racing, cooperative team play in "FUD Ball" (inspired by football/soccer), boss battle survival in "Junkyard Race", a competitive international eSports tournament, and an open-world metaverse environment. We won't be stopping there though, the product design team is already discussing and planning future extensions to the gameplay loop, with new and exciting opportunities for PvE and PvP game modes, and activities within the open-world metaverse.

Chris: Nice! Where are you in accordance with your roadmap and what's the next big step?

Anthony: Unfortunately the challenges faced, as a result of the market conditions in 2022, have left us behind our original schedule communicated in 2022. However, at the end of last year we made some powerful moves within the organization to ramp up staffing in the appropriate departments of the company, and we're progressing faster than ever here in the beginning of 2023. Given this, we're on pace to get our product developed to the standards we demand, and are moving to bring that product to market in Q1 2023. The next major steps will be releasing the early alpha version of the game, and conducting an IDO on the BNB Chain for all of those interested in getting involved in the game. 

Chris: Talk to me about your core team. Who are they? What are the backgrounds they bring to the table? 

Anthony: To be honest, we aren't your typical GameFi project team; instead we're a legitimate business with departments comprised of professionals, having backgrounds in the corresponding industries. For the sake of brevity, I will keep the conversation narrowed to the upper management (equity holders) within the company; but having said that: EACH and EVERY staff member within the company is appreciated more than they know! Without each person fulfilling their responsibilities and duties, we could never have accomplished the outstanding success we had, nor the even greater success we foresee here in 2023.

 • David Ryabchikov: as an IT-Business graduate and young Web3 entrepreneur, David has an education and professional background in Web2 and Web3 development, and oversees the integration of blockchain technologies in the product.
 • Mark Voronov: the jack of all trades, Mark oversees product design but get always has his hand in every pot - especially the marketing facet, with his professional background being in eCommerce and digital brand marketing.

Strategic Advisors
 • Anthony "Mr. Dip" Francis: as an up-and-coming GameFi KOL and strategic advisor of the Sydney Houston Group, Anthony oversees the B2B and B2C components of the company, with his background being in business development, sales, and marketing.
 • Melanie "Croissant" D.: as a founding NFT KOL of the BNB Chain ecosystem and strategic advisor of the Sydney Houston Group, Melanie oversees operations with a specialization in marketing, utilizing her professional background in online business development and journalism.

Solutions Architect
 • Silviu Caradima: with professional experience working at one of the largest technical solutions companies in the world, Silviu manages and oversee projects within the company, facilitating the development and design of the final product; an ode to his degree in architecture.

Chris: On a personal note: how old is the company and how the initial idea came into play?

Anthony: The pilot company "Coinracer" was registered in the fall of 2021, and the idea itself was conceived during that summer, by Founders David and Mark. However, due to the challenges faced with the collapse of the markets and the accentuation of this collapse on Web3 gaming, a new company has been built to continue on the franchise. This new company, "Coinracer Reloaded" has taken ownership of the rights, intellectual property, assets, etc. and is now bringing them to market in 2023. In addition to this, the new company has provided interoperability of all digital assets from the previous company, and has provided opportunities to investors that suffered to migrate into the new project without losing the value they received in exchange for their investments.

Chris: Nice! Any lessons you learned along the way that would be beneficial for our readers/entrepreneurs? 

Anthony: Oh, man, lessons have been my most valued return on investment in the past year and a half in this space. Money comes and goes, but the knowledge, network, relationships, etc. are worth so much more in life. There are simply too many lessons I'd like to share, this is a conversation that often goes on for hours in Twitter Spaces, on podcasts, and in other social settings. For those that would really like to learn more from the challenges and successes we experienced, I'd suggest giving me a follow on Twitter (@TheMrDip) and hopping on some Twitter Spaces with us, our friends, and colleagues in this amazing Web3 gaming ecosystem. This is a journey we are all embarking on together, and the exchange of knowledge is so powerful.

Chris: Thanks for a captivating talk. Any last word?

Anthony: It has been an absolute pleasure, my friend. I look forward to doing this again in the future. In the meantime, I recommend everyone make their way over to the Coinracer Reloaded website, follow us on social media platforms, hop in the communities, come and get to know the team, the community, the gamers, the investors, and just enjoy this beautiful time we have been blessed with, in Web3 gaming! Power to the gamers!