Alex Metzger Alex Metzger 25.07.2021

The Cryptocurrency market: Is this the time to Buy or Sell?

This has been a stress-filled month for digital currencies investment. Digital currencies are seen coming a long way, and bitcoin has soared in a big way. It seems to be one of the best choices for people when it comes to Bitcoin. It has soared in terms of value in the recent past few months, from 65K USD to its half in the recent 2 to 3 months when the cost of bitcoin has slashed down to 33K USD. On 14th April, Bitcoin was seen coming along with the value of 65K USD, while on the other side, we have another digital currency, one can even find ETH coming into the picture while talking about Blockchain network, the digital currency is seen slashing over the cost of 57% in order to 1850 USD that seemed to have gone to the lower level in the early of January 2021. You can use bitcoin champion in order to get more about the topic and get an insight about the same. 

Also, there seemed to come along with too many uncertainties in the asset class. But this has remained as the deterrent factor that is seen investing when it comes to assets, and today too many Indians are seen coming along with ten million digital currency investors in April 2021. With the number of digital currencies and their costs increasing in a big way and then going down, the central banks like RBI, which the bankers are not seen citing out the SC to come along with the trading option in bitcoin. Ravi Rajan and Company, along with the S Ravi, who has been involved in the top places like Bombay Stock Exchange, claimed that it is very much speculation trading and it is not seen as any kind of investment like the regulators that are seen not coming along with the clear cut guidelines that would further be going to decide upon the destiny of digital currency. 

As per the tweet of Elon Musk, one can find the decline of digital currency that is seen coming along with his company Tesla stating that accepting Bitcoin is no more a valid option for getting the cars. Musk was seen stating that Tesla will not be going to remain like a purchase option of the vehicle with the help of using bitcoin owing to environmental issues. At the same time, the announcement of China was seen banning the financial companies along with the payment firms from offering the services linked to digital currency transactions that are aggravating the decline in the top market. Now, the big question, why buy or sell bitcoin or any digital currency, and what should you need to do. 

As per the recent fall seen in the market with a couple of unstable kinds of investments that are seen choosing for the sell-off kind of painful. But when we see the recent market going for a roller coaster ride, one can find the investors going for a ride. After the fall of Bitcoin prices, one can see ETH be climbing high, and as per reports, one can see the grown of 1150 per cent in the recent past, while on the other side, the digital currency called Dogecoin was seen coming up with a jump of 13,310% coming with the same stretch. As per the industry experts, one can find a number of asset class digital currency is seen coming up with an interesting outlook in a positive method. Talking about the same, Ravi was seen talking about the digital currency; it remains the most volatile one and remains the most-watched and monitored option in the market. It is vital to hold the kind of investment option that tends to remain the best for the medium terms. 

Adding to this, Ravi said that the investors are coming up with the advice for investing with a certain amount of percentage, and these are not required to come along with the basket investment options. One can find some systematic kind of investment that is seen with the ability to return with a good amount of time duration. However, all the investors are not supposed to remember logical thinking and thus even understand the way the technology is driving the digital currency with great significance.