Chris Chris 03.12.2021

Decentralized web' project is building a decentralized communication and advertising platform II An Interview with the Founder

Today, we are talking to Paul Arssov — the founder and lead developer of 'Decentralized web' project.

BitCourier: Tell us about the creation of your project.
Paul: We, at the 'Decentralized web' project are building a decentralized communication and advertising platform.
Decentralization is a key word here. I believe it is new, upcoming and post-blockchain technology.
Currently decentralization is understood as a feature of the blockchain tech but it is actually much more.
We have our 'owned' blockchain instance but it is used not as a central element but as just a support element in our project.

BitCourier: Who is your target audience?
Paul: Currently Internet use is very centralized - there are billions of us Internet users and millions of web sites which we access to get information or a service.
Decentralization in general, and our specific project target all current Internet users and offer a new way of access Internet.

BitCourier: What value do you offer people?
Paul: The essence of decentralization is direct (no server) user to user communication.
Our project offers this and tons of other incentives in crypto-tokens for - becoming a new user, for inviting people, for viewing ads, for running a bridge/node...

BitCourier: Did COVID 19 affect your business, how did you adapt?

Paul: Yes. The COVID pandemic with the lock-downs, restrictions and 'social distancing' is amplifying the need for online communication tools. 
The project actually started in March 2020 right at the start of the worldwide pandemic restrictions.

BitCourier: What does it take to become a ‘Hot Project” in 2022?

Paul: I believe there are 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' areas in crypto/blockchain tech.
In my own opinion, examples of 'healthy' are - NFTs and security tokens, and for 'unhealthy' are - meme coins, DeFi, even Bitcoin.
We like to have our project in the 'healthy' area - providing something tangible.
The success or failure of a project depends on marketing. We have started a wide marketing outreach on social networks which include - instagram, twitter, telegram, and even tiktok.


BitCourier: Can you tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of?
Paul: We wanted to select a blockchain for use in several of our projects. We went through multiple choices over several years - ethereum, avalanche, binance smart chain, polygon.
By its nature blockchains are 'rent seeking'.
Not wanting to 'pay rent' to other chains we are now running our own blockchain instance.

BitCourier: I wonder if you have UK-based collaboration in your project? Do you plan to get any?
Paul: It seems that UK is one of the leaders in tech promotion and innovation.
We have contacts and plans with UK born and/or based marketers.
And, we have contacts with one very forward looking UK based investment fund.