Alex Metzger Alex Metzger 19.02.2021

ELON to the Mars! Meet the new meme-coin

Parody cryptocurrencies are big today. Since Adobe Product Marketing Manager Jackson Palmer and software engineer Billy Markus launched Dogecoin in late 2013 we've seen several major runs of "meme coins".

Why are they so popular? There are at least 2 main reasons.

First, the idea of "don't take it too seriously" is very popular among online communities on platforms like Reddit/Discord. Second, the major contributors to Dogecoin's popularity are influential celebrity endorsers like an entrepreneur and the world's richest man Elon Musk, rapper Snoop Dog, Kiss co-singer Gene Simmons, and many others. 

Will we see new meme-coins going mainstream in 2021? Our team had a chance to talk with the founders of the very new parody cryptocurrency project - ELON.

BitCourier: Please, introduce yourself

ELON team: We are two university students based in Chicago who believe in the power
of two things: memes and decentralized currency.

BitCourier: What prompted the creation of the ELON cryptocurrency? How did you come up with the idea?

ELON team: The idea for ELON stemmed from the realization that there’s basically no reason that Bitcoin should be the premier cryptocurrency, other than its fame. We think the world would prefer a more memey alternative. Plus, ELON is built on the Stellar blockchain, which means it is more secure, faster, and has much cheaper transaction fees than Ethereum tokens, for example.

BitCourier: Were you inspired by the recent success of DOGE? Do you think ELON and DOGE should compete?

ELON team: We like DOGE, but as a cat person, I believe DOGE should be destroyed. We hope ELON will ultimately surpass DOGE and become the first currency to land on Mars. DOGE is temporary, but ELON is eternal.

BitCourier: What target user do you have in mind? Who can be the first merchants to start accepting your token?

ELON team: We believe memes are the future of decentralized finance. We want everyone in the solar system to use ELON, but it’s mostly targeted towards memers. Even though ELON is intended to be used as a martian currency, we do plan to develop software to allow earthly merchants to accept ELON as payment in the near future. Right now, ELON can be used to buy other cryptocurrencies.

BitCourier: Why did you choose Stellar blockchain to create ELON?

ELON team: We chose the Stellar blockchain because we believe it is the best blockchain out there for creating tokens. Not only is the Stellar ecosystem vibrant and full of resources, but the Stellar blockchain is uniquely secure, fast, and inexpensive to use. Most of the existing projects on the Stellar blockchain are far too serious for our taste -- we chose to go a different route.

BitCourier: Do you plan to apply for Stellar Community Funding?

ELON team: We do! The funding would be useful for developing applications like a system for merchants to accept ELON payments.

BitCourier: Do you plan to have an Ambassador Program? Are there any potential benefits of helping to spread the word about ELON?

ELON team: We are currently running a massive ELON giveaway in honor of NASA’s Mars landing (1,000 free ELON). The total fixed supply of ELON is only 1,000,000, so 1,000 is a huge amount. Our Twitter account is the best place to hear about ELON news and future giveaways!

BitCourier: What kind of partnerships are you looking for (integrations, solutions, etc.)? Do you have any specific plans for the UK market?

ELON team: In recent weeks we have seen a big spike in the number of ELON hodlers, and have generated significant buzz on crypto forums, so we welcome any partnerships that share our vision and goal to establish ELON as the primary martian currency. In the future, we hope UK merchants will work with us to accept ELON for their earthly sales as well.

BitCourier: Where UK-based users can purchase ELON tokens today?

ELON team: UK-based users can purchase ELON at StellarTerm, Lobstr, InterStellar, and more! We are constantly expanding the number of exchanges where ELON is offered. You can find more information about ELON and how to purchase it on our website. By following the instructions on our site, you can get started with ELON in minutes!