Chris Chris 26.11.2022

Building the Futuristic Blockchain Ecosystem with Expelee — Interview with Anandhu, Co-Founder & President at Expelee

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the other team members in that blooming project?

Anandhu: Anandhu Santhosh Kumar, Co-Founder & President at Expelee has done this interview.

Our Other Team Members Include Ritik Jain, Co-Founder & Director, Divyesh Gupta, Designer & Digital Marketer and Anay Indani, Technical Officer.

Chris: It is stated on your website that you are building the futuristic blockchain ecosystem - how do you do this?

Anandhu: Blockchain technology is unlike any technology we have seen before. It is unique and offers features that current technologies don't offer. It expedites data transfer, provides secure transactions, ensures greater transparency, eliminates middlemen, and helps with traceability. The immutability and encryption of the technology make it fundamental to the success of any industry.

As it's only a decade old and uses such modern technology, it has its own issues. Many wish to advance on it, but they might not have the means to understand how everything operates. Many people struggle to comprehend it and defend it from bad actors or scammers. And that's where Expelee unites and supports individuals and projects in realizing their desire to start blockchain ventures or shift their existing businesses to blockchain, from full blockchain development to listing and audits. From NFT creation to NFT Dapp Marketplace, from basic ERC Tokens to sophisticated high functionality complex smart contracts, we assist with all customer requests.

Expelee is the cutting-edge blockchain ecosystem that genuinely addresses issues for developers. It is crucial to establish a trustworthy and effective blockchain infrastructure for DApps as Web 3.0 approaches. and truly that's only possible by building an ecosystem around this space. Expelee is ready for the future, and our team and collaborators are eager to showcase our cutting-edge blockchain ecosystem to the world. We are advancing with every step to ensure that our vision for blockchain becomes a reality.

Chris: Do you see some of your ideas as truly visionary? Can you give some examples?

Anandhu: Our ideas reflect our vision for blockchain and offer solutions to problems prevalent in the ecosystem. For example, current blockchains only focus on development, security, and incubation. They forfeit marketing and promotion, which are core product features. How can emerging DApps reach mainstream levels without promotion? That's why only a few blockchain projects truly make it in the industry. Expelee focuses on all aspects of development, marketing, promotion, incubation, and security. This is a total package, so developers will find it more convenient to move their projects from incubation to funding from investors.

Chris: Why Web 3.0 in general?

Anandhu: Web 3.0 is the third iteration of the internet that will ensure democratization and break the control exerted by big corporations. Web 3.0 will usher in a new era of decentralization. It is the future, and that's why we are leveraging the opportunity to help users and developers come on board with our futuristic blockchain system.

Chris: Tell us about your team, please. Where did the core team meet?

Anandhu: The idea of creating a new blockchain and suite of Web 3.0 products that will offer unique solutions in the crypto space brought the core team together. We were friends and had an interest in the same space, as most of us have a computer science background, and blockchain technology is something that has always fascinated us. Our passion for crypto and blockchain was evident, and we got connected. We shared our vision, and that is how Expelee was born.

Chris: How big of a role does the community play in your business?

Anandhu: The community has been there throughout our journey, and we thank them for the support they are rendering. It has made us grow as a team and reassured us that we aren't alone in the struggles we face to empower the blockchain industry. The community is like a family within our business and has helped us immensely in letting the world know what we do and the intent behind what we do, so our community isn't just a group of people. They are a tribe that nurtures our growth and ideas while increasing our visibility.

Chris: What are your primal products?

Anandhu: Our primary products range from development to security. They include; Expelee Audits, Expe Diligence (our KYC and certification system), Expe Design, Meta N More, Expe NFT, Expe Scanner, and Expe Consultors. Other products we offer are Expe Launchpad, Expe Vetting, and Expe Web Development. Each of these products we offer reflects our desire to ease users' entry into Web 3.0 and provide them a platform to develop sustainable and secure decentralized applications for Web 3.0.

Chris: Thanks! Where can we follow you?

Anandhu: You can follow us on social media. We are available on the following

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You can also send us an email at [email protected] for any inquiry.

Chris: Any last words?

Anandhu: The future is blockchain technology and Web 3.0. There is no doubt that blockchain will remain relevant for the next 100, 200, and more years. Only those who leverage it now will enjoy the benefits in the future. My advice for companies and users is to "embrace blockchain and Web3," and you won't regret doing that. But remember: whenever you think of blockchain solutions and Web3 infrastructure, think of Expelee!