Chris Chris 16.08.2022

When You Own a FUERZA, You Own a Piece of Athletic History — Interview with Hunter, Founder of FUERZA

How's everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Hunter Allen — a very famous coach in the cycling world and Founder of FUERZA.

Chris: Where did the idea to turn biometric data into artwork/NFT come from?

Hunter: I have been analyzing bio-metric data from cyclists for over 20 years now and making screenshots to send to the athletes that I coach. Many times when I have looked at data charts and graphs, I have thought to myself that it was “art”. So, when the opportunity came using crypto technology to create NFT’s, I knew that I could work with the best riders in the world using their epic wins in races to create amazing works of art.

Chris: What makes FUERZA NFTs different from other NFT artwork?

Hunter: FUERZA’s contain the actual human effort as expressed as recorded data into the art.  Cyclists, triathletes, and runners are some of the most highly measurable sports in the world and the data that comes from their actual effort is truly remarkable. This data is incorporated into the artwork itself and other times the data is the art. Not only is this art that is incredibly unique, but when you buy a FUERZA, you also receive a license to actually download, view and analyze the bio-metric data

Chris: What’s the process through which a rider designs his/her NFTs?

Hunter: First, I analyze the data file that comes from the incredible win like a Tour De France Stage win, or a World Championship. I find the most important part of that win, sometimes, just a critical five minutes and other times it could be the entire 5 hour race, and then make multiple screenshots of that data in different graphs, charts, color schemes and send that to one of the FUERZA artists. I also do research on the race itself, find out how the race was won, what might have been unique about it and then give all that background information to the artist. The artist then creates a story of the race within the art, doing only what world-class artists can do using their imagination and unique abilities to create a beautiful work of art.  Afterwards, I present it to the athlete for any minor or major changes.  Once approved by the athlete, we put it for sale.

Chris: For our non-cycling-enthusiasts out there, can you tell us more about a couple of these athletes and what they’ve accomplished? Maybe you can include the story behind one of your favorites?

Hunter: We have some of the best cyclists and triathletes in the world. These are the top of the top.  Peter Sagan, for example, has won the World Professional Cycling Championships 3x, 12x stage winner of the Tour de France, 18x stage winner of the Tour of Switzerland and over 100 total races. He’s one of the most, if not the most popular cyclist in the world with an incredible personality as well. Peter loves American Muscle Cars and asked us to do a series using muscle cars as part of his artwork. We had a great time creating this art and showing it off much to his delight.  Mark Cavendish is another amazing cyclist that is a part of Project FUERZA. Mark has 34 stage wins in the Tour de France, equaling the most ever one by a single rider.  He’s the world’s best-ever sprinter. Mark is a keen collector of art and NFT’s and he loves the “Banksy” style of art, so we created some very unique pieces of art for him with some fun styles.  Mirinda Carfrae is a winner of the Hawaii Ironman World Championship three times and she’s considered one of the best female triathletes in the world as well.   Being a triathlete with three sports, creating art that incorporates all three was challenging, but we think we nailed it.

Chris: Can you explain how a consumer might use the data files that come with many of these?

Hunter: These bio-metric data files are just stunning. These athletes produce more effort as expressed in watts, than any other cyclist or triathlete in the world. Of course, the numbers are amazing, every world champion is a world champion because they can produce the most effort.You can download this data, use a number of different software programs to view the data, digging into the most important parts. For anyone with a basic understanding of the values, the data alone is worth the price of admission.

Chris: It’s a tough time to launch an NFT collection – can you address some of the concerns folks may have about buying one?

Hunter: In many ways, now is the very best time to buy an NFT. The price of Ethereum is lower now than it’s been in a long time. No one knows the future, but it’s likely the value of ETH will go up. These are ground-breaking NFT’s that are the first in the world to combine human bio-metric data into the artwork. The athletes are the best in the world as well, and just like any collectible at this level, very rare.

Chris: Are sport-themed NFTs a big thing? Some of yours are very pricey – how do they compare to the others out there price wise? And why are they worth the money?

Hunter: Sports NFT’s are growing in popularity every day. Most are just simple digital “baseball cards”, which are cool, but lack the creativity and panache of a work of art. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so we created so many styles in order to appeal to many collectors. Yes, they are not cheap, but these are one of a kind artworks and data files. These athletes don’t just win the world championships every year or a stage in the Tour de France.  The data itself is insanely rare and until now, was impossible for anyone beyond the athlete and possibly their coach to ever view.  

Chris: What’s your favorite FUERZA and why?

Hunter: I really love the collection that FUERZA artist Nick Hand created for Ryder Hesjedal.  Ryder is a retired Canadian cyclist that won the Tour of Italy among other races.  Nick created some of the coolest, in my opinion, spacey, geometric and mathematically pleasuring artworks with brilliant colors and shapes. I just love this collection.