Chris Chris 11.10.2022

Holders of JMZ Will be Able to Deposit their Tokens in the X-Savings and Generate Interest Over Time — Interview with Clément, PR Manager of Jimizz

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Clément: My name is Clément and I am responsible for partnerships and press relations for Jimizz. I participated in the writing of the project's whitepaper and I currently work in the project's core team. Before the launch of this project I was already working in the company in an editorial and communication position and it is my attraction for web3 and crypto that pushed me to take an active part in the project.

Chris: Jimizz is a cryptocurrency designed by the French leader of the porn industry — can you please tell us about the owner of the project?

Clément: In 1999, the amateur photo site Jacquie et Michel was born. The site is intended to be a digital haven for libertines and exhibitionists. Quickly, the site sees its traffic increase and at the time of the democratization of Internet the amateurs of naughty photos are more and more numerous. In 2007, the group took the turn to video with the arrival of broadband Internet in a large part of French homes. This was a major turning point for the group, which became more professional and quickly became an essential part of French pop culture thanks to its famous slogan "On dit merci qui?

As at the time of the Internet explosion, the Jacquie et Michel company relied on new technologies and wanted to anticipate all innovations. Already on the VR bandwagon, the group decided to bank on the transition from web2 to web3 thanks to a token called Jimizz. The eco-system associated with this crypto-currency should allow better remuneration of creators, guarantee the pseudonymity of clients, protect minors and guarantee the independence of porn from payment providers.

Chris: What are the ways in which you plan to revolutionize the industry?

Clément: In order to revolutionize our industry, we rely on several tools at our disposal thanks to Jimizz. We are counting on a reduction in bank commissions thanks to the abolition of PSPs, which takes a part of the creators' income. We are going to propose a platform that will allow you to finance an adult project in Jimizz! In addition to these features, content creators will soon be able to sell NFTs on a brand new marketplace. More generally, we want to offer our creators a free and transparent space on which they can post content and receive a fair reward in exchange.

Chris: How do you connect consumers, creators and investors. What are the unique benefits for each of them?

Clément: We already have several hundred thousand users on our sites. On the other hand, we also have partners such as "Swame" and "PetitAbricot", which each have several thousand independent models. We would like to offer these users the option of buying the content of their favourite models in Jimizz. To encourage them to make this transition to the crypto-currency, we are offering them a number of commercial advantages such as a temporary promotion of 50% on content purchased in Jimizz.

We are also working on educational campaigns with our users in order to bring them step by step towards web3 and decentralised finance. We are aware that this transition will take time and that is why we are patiently building our eco-system.

Chris: Can you tell us about the NFT MarketPlace?

Clément: The NFT MarketPlace will be at the centre of our web3 eco-system, it will allow you to buy content promoted by our models. In addition to these productions, it will also be possible to purchase one of the Club69 NFTs, a set of 69 NFTs that allow you to receive a percentage of all service purchases in JMZ. Finally, it will be possible to create exclusive content thanks to the K-hard Game, a card game that will allow you to combine several cards in order to obtain exclusive content from the model of your choice. Of course, it will be validated beforehand with the model in question, the sexual practices that she agrees to perform.

Chris: Any exciting milestones you plan to reach this year and beginning of 2023?

Clément: We have many developments in progress, we can mention in particular Cum-Unity, our participative financing platform, but also the market-place which should see the light of day this year. The best is yet to come for Jimizz!

Chris: Thanks! Anything else you would like to mention? Where can we follow your updates?

Clément: You can follow us on Twitter directly and on Discord! Thanks for this interview!