Chris Chris 28.07.2022

Our Clients can Always Come Up to Us with Their Ideas and Suggestions, We’re Always There For — Interview with Anthony, Chief Marketing Officer of LH-Crypto

On this joyful day, my guest is Anthony — Chief Marketing Officer of LH-Crypto, with 4 years of trading experience!

Chris: LH-Crypto is a Cross Market Platform 4YOU. What is the core idea behind this motto?

Anthony: It is as simple as it sounds. We are a cross-market platform because our clients can trade with all the types of markets – crypto, stocks, Forex, commodities, etc. And we wanted to show how client-oriented we are, hence the last part of our motto.

Chris: So what is unique about the LH-crypto that differentiates you from other similar ideas?

Anthony: I think the main advantage is that our platform is deeply rooted on a Forex broker basis. It was first a more traditional broker that operated since 2004, and now we have a crypto broker that has been in the business since 2018.

Over the past 4 years, we have tried many things and now have a very wide range of services, flexible conditions and payment solutions… We also pride ourselves on the wide variety of account currencies that users can choose from. Our clients can always come up to us with their ideas and suggestions, we’re always there for them.

Chris: You got a wide range of services. Which one of them is the coolest specifically for a user from user-experience and simplicity standpoint?

Anthony: Personally, my favourite service is Non Deposit. It’s a perfect chance for newcomers to try out trading, especially if they never did it before. It is like Demo service, but with real money in the real market – 250 Euro for 3 days, and it’s up to you if you manage to succeed or not.

Another nice service we have is Safety Net. It’s a pretty recent development, and it helps people save their investment from the risks of trading. Basically, you deposit funds to your account and get the same amount as insurance. Then, if you lose money, you can write us and use the insurance -  the same amount that you lost.

Chris: How do you define a "partner", and as follows, who can become your partner?

Anthony: A partner is someone who works by your side, someone with shared interests and goals. Basically, anyone can become a partner of LH-Crypto! All you need is the desire to spread the word of our services. Though, of course, it would be better if you had some popular blog, Instagram page, YouTube channel, site, any platform with a big audience. Then it’s enough to share the referral link and get the commissions – ours are quite high compared to the industry.

Chris: Got any ambitious plans you want to open up about?

Anthony: We have recently launched GIIS, Global ICO Insurance System. This programme helps people get their investment back from failed ICOs. That’s one of the major areas of development for us right now. Also, we are planning to continue working on our Safety Net system, and, of course, add new trading instruments and payment methods – this is what we work on constantly.

Chris: In the end, please share more about the members comprising the core team of LH- Crypto and what makes your internal culture a place to work and enjoy life?

Anthony: We are dispersed around the globe, some of our teammates are in the UK, some are in Africa, some – in Turkey, etc… But we are most proud of our South African department, the guys are really doing great job! They even made a video recently about our services (

Generally, we are a very close-tied team:

  • Our leaders have zoom meetings every day where anyone can come up with an idea or a problem and it surely will be solved;
  • We also have regular weekly meetings online when we discuss our plans and achievements;
  • We do our best to see each other in person at least once a year, we have team-building events like fishing trips and Christmas/New Year parties every year.