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The UK Ranks 23rd Out of 26 in Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming Adoption

The concept of NFT-based play-to-earn (P2E) games has become very popular in recent times, with players earning huge sums of money for playing their favourite games. While NFT gaming is gaining traction in several countries, it is not receiving the same amount of interest in the UK.

A recent survey conducted by Finder, dubbed the NFT Gaming Adoption Report, revealed a stark contrast in the level of interest between respondents from Western countries and other parts of the world. 

The survey polled 43,312 people across 26 countries and out of this figure, 2,000 correspondents were from the UK. The poll revealed that about 7.6% of British internet users have played a P2E game. 

The poll also revealed that UK men are more likely to play these games than women. About 9% of UK men admitted to having played P2E games compared to the 6% of women that have played.

The UK comes at 23rd position for NFT adoption out of the 26 countries surveyed, ahead of only Germany, which has an interest rate of 7%, France with 6%, and Sweden with 4%. 

India is the country with the highest number of respondents that have played a P2E game, with 34%. It is closely followed by Hong Kong with 29%, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 27%, and the Philippines with 25%.

P2E Gaming Adoption to Double in The UK

In the study, Finder pointed out that more respondents disclosed their plans to try out P2E NFT games in the future. 

For the UK, about 8.2 respondents noted that they intend to try out a P2E platform sometime this year. Thus, P2E gaming adoption is set to double in the UK this year, with interest reaching 16%. 

Other notable adoption rates include France, which is expected to move from 6% to 15%, Peru going from 13% to 29%, and Spain moving from 8% to 17%.

Play-to-Earn NFT Games Explode in Popularity

Speaking on the surge in adoption of P2E NFT gaming, Finder's cryptocurrency editor Keegan Francis noted that the rate of adoption is higher in countries with low cost of living, including India and the Philippines. 

In fact, due to the lucrative nature of these games, most households have reportedly quit their day jobs to focus solely on playing NFT games. Francis noted, however, that P2E gaming adoption would likely increase in the UK if developers build more enticing crypto mechanics into their games.

He said, "Before Brits quit their day job to play games, it's worth considering adoption is particularly high in countries where living expenses are much lower… It might not be a feasible option for people living in the UK to earn a living wage playing P2E games, but it does allow them to earn an income for what would otherwise be a hobby."

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