Chris Chris 29.10.2021

Why Would you Work for Money if you can Make Money Work for you? - challenges Kirill Grinko, CEO and Co-Founder of BuyCrypt

BitCourier: Tell us about the creation of BuyCrypt. Since when does it exist?

Kirill: BuyCrypt has started with Telegram Bot, which allows you to buy and sell on the Spot market with just one click. The Bot was made for friends, traders and fellow miners. It quickly spread with a “word of mouth”. At that time I realised what the market needs. Bot was made at the beginning of 2020, since that time I started thinking about app development.

BitCourier: Who is your target audience? What value do you offer to the people?

Kirill: Simple - Our target audience are people, who need money. Why would you work for money if you can make money work for you? I believe that everyone can start trading. Some people trade not so well, some really rock it! Our mission is to find the “Best Traders” and help them make more profits using handy tools and investment experience of those who are not so good. 

We will not abandon those who have not been very good at trading so far. Our goal is not to take money from bad traders and give it to good ones. We want to create an ecosystem in which everyone can become a successful trader. This will create a winning combination for all project participants.

BuyCrypt is your financial guarantee!

BitCourier: Did the DeFi movement change the industry in your opinion?

Kirill: DeFi is DeFinitely important and strong area of the crypto industry. It grows rapidly because of it’s transparency and because no third party is needed. We cannot overlook the number of new DeFi projects, but there are pros and cons everywhere. For example, stock exchanges built on SWAP don’t have proper knowledge about the market movements and current orders, but this information could help to trade as you can see. 


BitCourier: What is your opinion on the current state of the STO market? What are the most promising asset categories to be tokenized?

Kirill: Tokenization is the collaboration with DeFi, which may open transparent crowdfunding tools for millions of people around the world. It should solve the problem of buying STOCKS for regular people. Everyone will be able to buy Apple stocks, for example.


BitCourier: Did COVID19 affect your business? How did you adapt?


Kirill: Pandemic has made a huge impact on the market. This leads us to millions of new investors, new projects and new fields and directions. To be honest i’m waiting for the moment when the government says “Paper money is spreading diseases and is not secure. Let’s move to the digital world with digital assets”.


BitCOurier: Let’s imagine I do have a team of developers and we just released an innovative DeFi or STO project. How much investment do you think we need to pour into marketing and PR to become a well-known and “hot” project today in 2021?

In my opinion - Good ideas don’t need to be promoted. If your product fixes someone's budget - you win. But if we are talking about development we have to mention that a good team that can solve problems, make necessary decisions and does it fast would cost you about 20-25$ a month, at the same time this team in the US would cost you no less than 50$.


BitCourier: Can you tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of? 

Kirill: The best accomplishment that makes me proud is to see how my product and the audience grow while receiving good reviews. That means you get ahead.


BitCourier: I wonder if you have UK-based projects in your portfolio? Do you plan to get any? 

Kirill: We will definitely spread our influence on the UK market. It is just a matter of time. 


BitCourier: What kind of partnerships are you looking for (integrations, media partnerships, contractors, etc.)? Do you have any specific plans for the UK market?

Kirill: We’re open to any offers. It’s an innovative industry, so we have to try everything we can to find our way.