Alex Metzger Alex Metzger 25.08.2022

ChangeNOW Is Launching Its Crypto Exchange Platform in the Ariva Metaverse

The Ariva metaverse combines virtual reality with the travel theme to create seemingly infinite travel experiences. ChangeNOW, a leading crypto exchange and processing platform, is keeping a close eye on innovation, which is why it is taking part in this cutting-edge, fast-growing metaverse project.


In the metaverse, people can socialize, communicate, and interact just as they do in the real world. The ChangeNOW team decided to take this concept a step further by providing users with its products so they can get what they need while remaining connected to the metaverse. As ChangeNOW has already opened an office in Ariva Wonderland, it is in the process of launching a metaverse version of its crypto exchange platform.

Ariva Wonderland users will be able to exchange, buy/sell 450+ digital assets supported by ChangeNOW right in the metaverse. Imagine yourself wandering through Ariva Wonderland and finding that you need more Ariva tokens for your gameplay, so you go straight to ChangeNOW’s space and buy them. There's no need to leave the metaverse. This is a revolutionary new concept on the crypto exchange market, and a very useful enhancement for metaverse users.  

“Our goal at ChangeNOW is to provide a rich experience for our users, especially in new environments. We're excited to have our beautiful office in Ariva Wonderland, which is the first step. We are currently working on implementing the ability for the metaverse wanderers to exchange cryptos without leaving the virtual world. As far as I know, ChangeNOW will be the first non-custodial platform to offer a metaverse-based experience for exchanging digital assets,” Mike Ermolaev, Head of Public Relations at ChangeNOW, said. 

Users can download Ariva Wonderland Alpha-2 now and embark on this Web3 adventure. As development progresses, all new features and layers will be patched into this release. In this way, you will be able to follow the current progress live. 


Also, make sure you check out the newly revamped Ariva.Game website, and don't miss out on the second phase of land sales.

“Our special thanks go to Ariva. Choosing the right metaverse for the debut was easy. You just can't help but feel the 80s vibe when you see it! This interior makes me feel like a kid who is happy to ditch school for a new game – a pleasant memory from the past,” Mike Ermolaev added. 

The Ariva team commented on the collaboration, “Many thanks to the ChangeNOW team for accompanying us on this wonderful experience and supporting Ariva Wonderland by opening an office. We will be happy to witness its active use in the game with new updates and developments, and we think this is one of the pioneering steps for the industry.''

About ChangeNOW 

ChangeNOW is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows users to buy, sell, and exchange digital assets, without hidden fees. As one of the largest advocates for mass crypto adoption, ChangeNOW seeks to create a secure, private, and intuitive environment for users.

ChangeNOW offers its user-friendly website and a mobile app available on the AppStore and Google Play for a fast, transparent, and secure crypto exchange process. 

  • The platform offers 580+ crypto and fiat assets, has no upper limit, and most transactions are completed within five minutes.

About Ariva Wonderland 

Ariva Wonderland is the world's first tourism metaverse, offering limitless travel experiences. Thanks to the use of virtual reality in the crypto and DeFi industry, Ariva pushes the boundaries of what is possible. From the comfort of their homes, users can virtually explore amazing attractions in Ariva Wonderland, learn about different cultures, socialize, travel to many regions, establish their own tourism center, earn money and do a variety of other things in a decentralized manner.