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39 thousand participants gathered for the DAO Consensus event online

39 thousand participants gathered for the DAO Consensus event online

The biggest digital economy event for all the blockchain traders and investors, entrepreneurs, projects, startup founders, DeFi influencers, and all interested in the new economy opportunities – the Decentralized Economy Global Summit 2020 took place online&offline from December 8 to 11, 2020. More than 39 thousand participants joined online. It was organized as an offline & online event, and was also streamed to the Decentraland - virtual world blockchain-powered platform.

During the four-day сonference 54 top global experts shared their look at

  • DAOs
  • DEXes and Centralized Exchanges
  • Mining
  • Cryptoprocessing
  • Web 3:0
  • Yield Farming and Derivatives
  • Decentralized Media and Marketing

the 2020 year’s results in the decentralized economy and expectations for the next year in this fast-growing market.

On the final day of the conference, the best projects and personalities of the year in the decentralized economy sector were awarded.

The most successful projects and personalities of the decentralized economy were awarded on December, 11. The Best DeFi Projects&People Awards 2020 ceremony was held in synergy with the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs on the same platform with the Annual competitions "Leader of Industry" and "Leader of High Technologies". This partnership was not accidental, because the fast-growing market of DeFi - the market of the latest financial instruments, services and applications, created on blockchain technology - dictates new rules of the game for both traditional sectors of the economy and high-tech industries. In the context of the digital transformation of the economy, Russian industry is very much in need of new breakthrough innovations and technologies, and the leaders of high-tech companies need production facilities and partners to launch their technologies into production.

The DeFi winners in 11 categories are:

  • The Best DAO Asset Management Model 2020 - Berezka DAO
  • The Most Dynamically Growing DeFi Project 2020 - 1inch
  • The TOP Miner 2020 - LAZM
  • The Fastest Growing DeFi Exchange 2020 - 1inch
  • The Most Community Trusted CeFi Exchange 2020 - Binance
  • The Leading Digital Processing 2020 - Plasm Pay
  • The Most Popular Decentralized Media&mass media 2020 - Blockchain Life
  • The DeFi Influencer 2020 - Leonid Morozovskiy
  • The Most Successful Digital Consultant 2020 - Sergey Panchenko
  • The Best Digital Bank 2020 - Crypterium

The winners were awarded and celebrated their “Oscar in DeFi” with a magnificent gala-dinner.

Two weeks before the event, all the participants had the possibility to vote for the nominees.Three active Summit participants won the prizes with a total amount of $1000! The draw was made randomly online on the final day of the summit.

Among the Summit speakers were:

  • Felix Mago, Dash NEXT Co-Founder
  • Tone Vays, Content Creator, Derivatives Trader & Consultant
  • Mru Patel, Investor, Best Selling Author, CEO Sapian Group, COO Flashgroup
  • Vít Jedlička, politician and activist, the President of the micronation Free Republic of Liberland
  • Jorge Sebastiao, seasoned ICT Expert in areas of Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, CTO Advisor, Speaker CISSP
  • Sergei Khitrov, Founder and CEO of Listing.Help and Blockchain life
  • Ilya Churakov, CEO of DAO Consensus
  • Gordon Einstein, founding partner at CryptoLaw Partners
  • Alexander Mashiyah Spindler, founder of Fridh
  • Roman Luka, founder of the cloud wiki-state-Kingdom of Kaprika
  • George Paliani, Director of development of the
  • Dmitry Ushakov, commercial Director of BitRiver
  • Vadim Koleoshkin, co-founder at Zerion
  • Anton Jackowski, co-founder of Platinum DeFi Engineering and Audits
  • Denis Smirnov, co-founder of Uni.DAO
  • Sergey Sergienko, founder of
  • Georgy Galoyan, founder of
  • Andrei Vengerets, CEO at Neironix
  • Ilia Maksimenka, CEO at PlasmaPay
  • Facu Ameal, Comms Manager at Yearn.Finance
  • Sergey Simanovskiy, Cyber-Congress DAO/Citizen Cosmos
  • Mounir Benchemled, CEO ar ParaSwap
  • Miguel Francis-Santiago, Founder of The Future is Now Media Group
  • Rico Pang, Co-founder of FIDO PROTOCOL - and many more.


Summit organizer is DAO Consensus, a decentralized global business community where each member gets a share from the entire network profits. DAO is based on smart-contracts where each transaction is transparent and each member can influence community decisions by voting. Summit co-organizers are Gooooup, ThinkTank Community and Platinum.

Special partners of the Summit - City Loyalty Group, NeoMAXs, Testa, Pons, “Акинцев&Партнеры”, community partners are and Neironix. Mediapartners are ProstoCoin,, Best Invest Blogs, be[in]crypto, Bitnovosti, CryptonewsZ,, Kaprica, BITCOURIER, Altcoinlog, Listing.Help. Among the participating companies were Yearn.Finance, PlasmaPay,, Liberland, FlashSapian, The Future is Now, UniDao, CISSP, Neironix, ParaSwap, ChronoTech, Cyber.congres, Citizen Cosmos, Listing.Help, Mineplex banking, Berezka DAO, DAO Consensus, PONS, LAZM, Opium Network, Cryptolaw Partners, Fridn, Kingdom of Kaprika,, Bitriver, EXMO, Zerion, Platinum,, Matrixport, DeFireX, Menascop, Mercuryo, Crypterium, 1inch, Binance, Crypto Bazar, NTZ.

DAO Consensus is planning to hold big and minor blockchain events – summits and meetups - once a month during the next year.

The next offline&online event is the Meetup “How to earn money in 2021: trends and forecasts” to take place on January, 23 in the city of Sochi, Russia. Registration is open