Alex Metzger Alex Metzger 09.12.2020

Blockchain technology company Digital Transaction partnered with IBM

HONG KONG, 8 December 2020 – Digital Transaction, a breakthrough enterprise blockchain technology company, has become an IBM Business Partner. The announcement comes as Digital Transaction continues to expand and reinforce its global strategic partner network.

As a certified IBM Business Partner, Digital Transaction will have access to IBM’s extensive knowledge resources, specialist insights, accreditation programs, and educational materials. Digital Transaction is now able to offer IBM customers its high-performing ParallelChainTM blockchain infrastructure, ensuring that they have the latest blockchain technology to power their existing applications in digital transformation, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, supply chains, healthcare, e-Government etc.

“This is an important milestone for the company,” said Ian Huang, Founder and CEO of Digital Transaction. “We are pleased that our technological innovations and team’s efforts have been recognized by a world-class market leader like IBM, and this further strengthens our commitment to not only bring to market the next generation of blockchain technology but also provide enterprises the complete blockchain feature set to streamline their business operations and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.”

ParallelChainTM is already in production with existing customers in both the private and public sectors.

For more information, please contact Chief Marketing Officer Noëlle Gahan: [email protected]

About Digital Transaction Limited

Founded in 2018, Digital Transaction Limited (DTL) is a Hong Kong breakthrough enterprise blockchain technology company. DTL is the home of ParallelChainTM, the fastest, most scalable and the only GDPR privacy-compliant blockchain in the world coupled with seamless interoperability with existing blockchains. With 6 US patents pending, an award-winning technical team, strong business execution, and deep market insight, DTL consistently rolls out technical innovation leading the Distributed Ledger Technology movement with unmatched products that will unlock enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives.