Chris Chris 13.03.2023

The Second Round of Meme Game is Here: Introducing Meme Ordinals

The world of NFTs has always been a fascinating realm, with new trends and forms of expression emerging regularly.

Our Meme Game is an experiment that we started to explore the potential of memes in the NFTs world. Our first round was a success, with over 10,000 Checks sold in just a few minutes. The last Check’s owner won a 0.3 ETH(~$460) lottery with a cost of just 0.000188 ETH(~$0.29), and we received a lot of positive feedback from the community. With the second round, we aim to take the game to the next level and bring new ideas and concepts to the table.

We are now excited to announce the second round of our Meme Game — Meme Ordinals, whose collections will be released on the Bitcoin Chain and launch on March 14th at 10:37 am EDT.

The game is very very simple, here is the introduction:

1. Purchase Ordinals

The price, rewards, and duration rule are defined in this article.

Then you can redeem your Meme Ordinals-Silver NFT at any time:

1 Ordinal = 1 Meme Ordinals-Silver

2. Upgrade Ordinals

1 Meme Ordinals-Green = 1024 Meme Ordinals-Silver

1 Meme Ordinals-Blue = 2048 Meme Ordinals-Silver

1 Meme Ordinals-Gold = 4096 Meme Ordinals-Silver

3. Claim Ordinals

1 Meme Ordinals-Green= 1 “IT’S A CYCLE OF LIFE”

1 Meme Ordinals-Blue= 1 “WEN B**PLE”

1 Meme Ordinals-Gold= 1 “I AM IN BUILD MODE”