Obike Favour Obike Favour 24.11.2021

Rapids Network Rolls Out Updates to Improve Its Blockchain Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency project, Rapids Network, has recently released several new updates, which are geared toward improving user experience, developing the network, and rewarding project participants for their continued support.

Per the announcement, the project has temporarily halted the BSC integration to Rapids Wallet, stating that it currently does not bring any additional use case for the RPD coin. 

Rapids Network noted that it will focus on building its ecosystem to provide users with the experience of "Blockchain at your fingertips."

The much-anticipated launch of its software layer for creating and trading custom digital assets and cryptocurrencies, RPDx, is on hand. The testnet for RPDx will be conducted within two to three weeks and is expected to be officially launched before the year runs out.

Other updates include the DeFi trading of RPDx and RPD, the launch of blockchain games such as RPD lotto, NFT raffles, which are scheduled for the first quarter of 2022.

Rapids Network also revealed that it has since been working on creating its first edition NFT game, which will enable RPD holders from across the globe to compete with each other, explore new marketing opportunities, and increase the use cases of the RPD coin.

Leveraging the rapidly growing NFT market, Rapids Network is aiming to increase its product awareness and build brand loyalty. Its limited edition NFTs will be embedded with utilities that are related to the core products it offers.

Rapids Network has a series of other integrations, product launches, and more scheduled for Q1 2022, including staking with instant withdrawals, sending of NFTs using a link, UI/UX improvements, among other things.