Chris Chris 31.01.2023

Schwab Inu is a Dog themed Meme Token with an Ambitious Goal - to Dominate the Doggy Crypto Market — Interview with Developer of Schwab Inu

How's everybody doing? This time around we are talking to the developer of Schwab Inu. Let's get into it. 

Chris: Hello! Thanks for being here! So what is Shwab Inu in simple terms? 

Developer: Thanks for having me. Currently, Schwab Inu is just a meme coin. As a meme, Schwab Inu aims to expose an agenda for total control over all of humanity by a few powerful individuals. Unfortunately, I can’t name this agenda outright; I can only drop hints about it so that you may discover this agenda on your own. Personally, I kind of like to think that by exposing this evil agenda, Schwab Inu is engaging in a form of informational warfare. And by making fun of the tyrants behind this agenda, Schwab Inu is also sending a powerful message. 

The way I see it, most of these meme coins are just a gamble, indeed often pump-n-dumps with no real use case other than the fun of the meme. So, if this meme coin casino is going to exist, it might as well be used to raise awareness, and make fun of tyrants that are working behind the scenes to enslave us all. And quite frankly, Schwab Inu is hilarious. So overall, Schwab Inu’s meme potential is huge. In my opinion, it has more meme potential than any other crypto in the game. But with that being said about the meme side of things, there is also a very powerful use case I hope to provide for the Schwab Inu community.

Chris: I see. Why did you choose Binance Smart Chain? 

Developer: My goal is to create a token-derivative DEX, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) seems like the most feasible network to integrate with such a platform. BSC is very easy to develop on, and it has relatively low fees. This is why BSC has attracted such a rich token market – especially meme tokens. In my opinion, BSC has the potential to capture the largest meme-token market share of any crypto. But the problem is, a lot of these tokens are pump-n-dumps. And I think it’s a crying shame that there is no way to short these pump and dump coins. If this meme coin casino is going to exist (I’m not judging, indeed I enjoy the occasional degen trade myself) then there should be a way to capitalize on the dump side of these so called s*** coins.

Now, that’s not to say that only meme tokens are pump-n-dumps worthy of a nice short. And it’s also not to say that all of these tokens are pump-n-dumps. Not even all the meme tokens are pump-n-dumps. Some of these tokens are solid projects with genuine developers behind them. And in these cases, a derivative DEX could provide these honest dev’s, who are working on solid projects, the opportunity to sell protective puts on their currency. But that’s not to say you couldn’t go long, or sell a call option if you wanted to on the token-derivative DEX that I envision. Also, it’s not to say this DEX couldn’t include other networks. Indeed, I would love to add the Ethereum network as well. And maybe even some other networks too. BSC just seemed like the optimal place to start.

Chris: Can you unpack your motto for us please, namely "You will own nothing, and you will be happy"?

Developer: I don’t know if I would say that is our motto. But that is a good question. I wonder what would happen if you Googled it.

Chris: How can people buy Shwab Inu?

Developer: You can swap Binance Coin (BNB) for Schwab Inu (SINU) on,, or The links to buy SINU on these DEX’s can be found on the “How To Buy” page. Alternatively, you can copy and paste our BSC contract address below into the DEX’s search bar.
Schwab Inu’s BSC Contract Address: 0x7a232f5aaaec66292a1e8a5dfe2efcca6a615a16

Chris: Can you talk about the launch of the business? How the core team all got together? 

Developer: Schwab Inu is not a business. It is a decentralized currency.

The Schwab Inu team got to know each other in an online chatroom for crypto and finance. The idea of Schwab Inu was batted around for a while until I decided to go ahead and make it. Since then, the team members have continued to help make the project work in various ways.

Chris: What are your backgrounds? 

Developer: My education is in finance, and I’ve got some experience trading. I have also spent some time teaching, tutoring in math, and in outside sales. My experience as a developer is not what many would call extensive. However, I have spent a decent amount of time learning computer science, and have developed complex code for my own personal use in regards to my stock option trading. This gives me confidence in my ability to figure out how to make this token-derivative DEX work. Especially if I can get some help from more experienced developers.

Chris: What are you looking forward to in the next quarter? 

Developer: In the next quarter I look forward to spreading the message, making progress on the DEX, and having fun sharing memes.

Chris: Thanks! Any last word? Where can we follow you?

Developer: Thank you! I’ve enjoyed the opportunity! You can follow Schwab Inu on Twitter @SchwabInu, join the Telegram Group “Schwab Inu” or find our Discord server “Schwab Inu Official.”