Chris Chris 15.11.2021

"Titan Projects is dedicated to providing high security, scalable and cost-effective digital assets" — says Dinesh Kumar, the CEO of the project

Dinesh Kumar is a Chairman /C.E.O. at TitanProjects. See the highlights of our Interview below.

Bitcourier: Tell us about the creation of TitanProjects and when it was created?

Dinesh: Titan Projects were started in 2018, Titan Projects is dedicated to providing high security, scalable and cost-effective digital assets and blockchain ecosystem, The project has announced partnered with global fiat-crypto onramp solutions provider SIMPLEXBuy Crypto using a Credit Card or Debit Card is supported for more than 70+ cryptocurrencies on Titan Exchange and Titan Multi Crypto Wallet


Bitcourier: Who is your target audience? What value do you offer people?

Dinesh: Titan Project is made for the entire globe, We are not specifically looking for a particular country or community based audience. Our services are meant for all. Even you can also deep dive into the features of the apps and use-case it is created for everybody. We have Trustworthy and Highly Secured Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet & ICO Platform available on Web, Android and iOS. Inbuilt Buy Crypto feature Which provides Users to enjoy seamless purchase their favorite cryptocurrency through your Debit/ Credit card instantly. Support 15+ Cryptocurrencies, 50+ Fiat Currencies, Acceptable 100+ Countries worldwide. All  processes are in compliance with the regulations including specific laws related to KYC, CFT and AML.



Bitcourier: Did the DeFi movement change the industry?

Of course it did. And it has no signs of swoing down. 


Bitcourier: Did COVID 19 affect your business, how did you adapt?

Dinesh: Covid impact was definitely there, We do also faced a lots of issues and survived as well. Good things were also came globally in IT industry the work from home model was successful and this has given a different prospective of working culture to the industry but overall COVID was a disaster.

Bitcourier: What does it take to become a ‘Hot Project” in 2022?

Dinesh: Future project developments shall include listing of Titan Coin on major cryptocurrency exchanges, global launch of TTNEX with margin, derivative trading facilities, issuance of Debit Cards, Crypto focused bank accounts and scalability of our asset issuance platform will definitely make us the hottest project in 2022. We are having a ongoing ICO entire funds will be used to push the things higher and higher, sky is the limit.

Bitcourier: Can you tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of?

Dinesh: Your works must be the answer to this question. I will advise you to download our Titan Coin App. You will have an answer to your question. Whatever the feature as a crypto enthusiast you can think, We have it onboarded.

Bitcourier: I wonder if you have UK-based projects in your portfolio? Do you plan to get any?

Dinesh: Yes of course We are open to all. Yes we have got some proposal, At the right time information will be public.