Chris Chris 20.01.2023

Our Mission is to Change the World by Making Crypto More Accessible for Everyone — Interview with CryptoBanana, Co-Founder of Tokerr

Nickname: CryptoBanana
Position: Co-Founder of Tokerr
Professional Background: In crypto since early 2021, and has worked on forming collaborations and partnerships for my online community. Business Management degree, with 8 years of experience running medium-scale international companies in the field of apparel and e-commerce, and 2 years of experience in advertising.

Chris: Greetings!  Tokerr sets out to Make DeFi safer — what exactly is implied here? Safer than it is at present? Can you elaborate?

CryptoBanana: After spending enough time in the DeFi space, most people know that the biggest problem is scammers and developers or teams with malicious intent. Over the years, we have seen a number of scams ranging from high profile to memecoins, with no real end in sight since there is no control over the developers and most teams choose to remain anonymous. Although we love decentralization, this is one of the biggest drawbacks. As a solution to this, we have designed an ecosystem that focuses on creating safer developers, which in turn means safety and security for investors, as well as profitability.

Chris: Interesting! That are the main features of the ecosystem? What does is consist of?

CryptoBanana: The primary tenets of our ecosystem are accessibility, security and profitability - and every utility that we have designed (and planned) is directed towards providing these. The first, and primary, utility 

(live since September 2022), is the Tokerr Deployer Bot - a telegram bot that works as a safe launchpad, which developers can use to launch tokens with anti-scam measures hard-coded into the contract, such as: Automatic liquidity lock, tax limits, no function to disable trading, no minting function, developer can't airdrop more than 3%, and more investor safety features. The first step to create a safer DeFi environment that breeds investor trust, is to create an assurance that developers cannot behave maliciously, and that is exactly what the Tokerr Deployer Bot does. The bot will soon also be accessible as a Web3 dapp.

The second utility (live since November 2022) is TokerrBridge - a safe, fast and anonymous bridge that requires no wallet connection. This protects DeFi investors from phishing, wallet draining and from wallet/transaction tracking, and allows them a quick and efficient way to transfer their funds for ease of trading.

The third utility that is live, and probably my personal favourite, is actually a simple staking system. What makes it unique, though, is that it is the first in DeFi to offer a traditional profit-sharing system for investors, thereby treating them as 'shareholders' and not just holders. TokerrFund distributes 40% of the profits from our entire ecosystem back to the holders who stake their tokens. This means a passive income system that depends not on the performance of TOKR, but on the adoption and use of our current and future utilities.

The further utilities that we are currently building, are TokerrDEX - a hyper-intuitive, customizable, multichain charting dapp, with utilities and modules designed to allow DEX traders access to all the necessary tools from a single, modular interface; and TokerrLab - a dcentralized online collaboration space which will facilitate easier collaboration and building of crypto projects.

Chris: Alright. Can you tell about the inception of the business? How did it start and how was the idea formed?

CryptoBanana: The idea for Tokerr was actually conceived in June 2022, when a small group of us who had known each other for over a year in this space got together to see if we could build something of value, something that would improve DeFi in some way. On our team we have in-house developers, as well as people with experience with running successful crypto projects, marketing, social media as well as real-world businesses, and we realized that we had everything necessary to actually do this. Since all of us had a common vision for this space that we love - Tokerr was born.

Chris: How big of a role does the community play in your business?

CryptoBanana: We believe that crypto is nothing without the community. We have seen so many projects achieve great things over the past few years because of the strength of the community around them. With Tokerr, we aim to create a community of people across the globe who love DeFi and what it has to offer, and want to see a better, safer and more accessible space. This means building a global community of not just like-minded developers and investors, but also artists, marketers, influencers and all others who make up the space - all working to create higher quality projects - be it utility or meme.

Chris: Can you share the most exiting plans on the roadmap for the upcoming months?

CryptoBanana: We actually have a few utilities and upgrades that we are close to releasing, and are very excited about. Among these - the first would have to be the Deployer dapp, which will give easy access to our token deployer tool even to people who do not use telegram, right from their browsers. Our Deployer Bot is already live for Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, but we are in the process of porting it to multiple more chains - giving access to many more developers and investors on those chains. We are also building a token locker and a special dapp for holders as add-ons to our Tokerr Deployer Bot. Additionally we have already begun working on our two big utilities - TokerrDEX and TokerrLAB - and we look forward to sharing our progress with the community soon.

Chris: Thanks! Where can we follow you?

CryptoBanana: You can follow us on our socials 





Chris: Any last word for our readers?

CryptoBanana: I would just like to encourage your readers to go and take a look at our website, read through our whitepaper and decide for themselves the value that Tokerr can bring to DeFi, because as they always say in crypto - DYOR. But within just 4 months of launching the Tokerr Deployer Bot, we have already had over 350 tokens deployed using our bot, we have and distributed over $4000 to our staking holders in under 2 months of launching TokerrFund (with just 1 utility earning profits). This is only the beginning for Tokerr, and we are here to keep building innovative solutions to transform this space - in line with our maxim to 'Make DeFi Safe Again'.