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We get New Ideas from our Community and Consider their Ideas to Make — Interview with David, AVARA Сo-Founder

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

David: I'm David the Chief Communications Officer at AVARA, I'm the most experienced in the Binance Smart Chain, I have been investing in the BSC since January of 2021, and I have about a 6-year of experience in the crypto space. My duty is to connect our project with third-party influencers, projects or companies also, I'm responsible for the social media management, event organizing, and creating content for us to publish.

Chris: Avara is a utility-based token with the first project of a gambling portal. How does it work?

David: AVARA's first module that is attached to the AVARA contract itself (BitDuel) works not like a gambling portal you can come across these days. Bitduel was designed to be a "Player vs Player" betting platform, where you can only play against other real humans and not against the house, while the games you play there are also "played" on the Binance Smart Chain itself for transparency, and 100% secure games, and for this reason, players can replay and view games others players had.

Chris: Furthermore, So, when a person buys the token, can he automatically use the gambling portal?

David: Whoever owns AVARA tokens, can play on the Bitduel platform. The platform itself is Decentralized, and users can play with 10.000 AVR tokens [or 3.4$ or £2.5] The minimum bet changes with the price, and we aim to keep the minimum game amount to £2.5. This is an essential thing since we run on the Binance Smart Chain itself and playing games there costs GAS Fees, which we pay from the 2% deposit fee.

Chris: Similarly, how does one buy coins for the casino?

David: There is currently no option to buy coins at the casino, but after our ETHEREUM Network launch in the upcoming week or weeks we are expanding and creating an exchange to the BitDuel website for users to buy AVARA Tokens from BNB / BUSD / ETH or any currency they wish to buy with.

Chris: Understood, so how does one go about buying the token? What is the process?

David: The process of buying as of right now: 
User has to have a wallet that is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain [ Most popular ones are: Metamask, Trust Wallet ], and has to have BNB or BUSD to purchase AVARA. The user can proceed and buy AVARA tokens from pancakeswap.
The funds will be stored in the user's wallet and can proceed to play with its tokens, or Stake it for an APY return.

Chris: What is the cost of one Avara crypto? How much is the fee?

David: The current price of AVARA is 0.0035$/AVR, with the current fee [07/02/2022] of 2% on Buying and 2% on selling. All sells are sent out to the holders as "reflections" and this increases the AVARA holder's tokens with each transaction there is made, depending on how much the holder currently owns.

Chris: All transactions have a fee of 10%. How is the fee being utilized?

David: The transaction fees are temporarily minimized to 2% to encourage more buys for AVARA this will change back to the original 10% buy and 5-6% sell fee, and currently, all fees are utilized, and here is a breakdown for it.
We started the development process of our Staking Module 2 weeks ago and finished it a week later. [] This staking module encourages long term holding since we are a long term project and rewards those who stake their funds with very high APY
We started the development of our game-changing NFT Player Vs Player module: BitBot and currently paid artists to create the NFT's for the game itself. 
We collected Marketing funds while the market was crashing and we are starting to utilize the funds to start a large marketing campaign through Google, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter in the upcoming days or weeks for our ETHEREUM Deploy with the ETHEREUM Bridge. [Bridge = A platform connecting the two different networks (Binance Smart Chain - Ethereum Smart Chain) allowing investors to swap their AVARA Tokens from BSC to ETH]

BitBot short explainer: BitBot is a CSGO Bot NFT game where you can open cases and battle your CSGO [One of the most popular First Person Shooter game with an average player count of 600.000-700.000 players every day]   bot against someone else's card.  The different rarities on cards mean different difficulties on your BOT! Legendary - Expert, Rare - Hard, Uncommon - Normal, Common - Easy. It can be opened with different weapons too, so it's an equal game even if you open a common one! After you got your first card you can immediately start a 1v1 duel with someone else's card, Or you can open 5 cards so you have a crew to do a 5v5! The matches will be streamed on Bitbot, so you can cheer for your crew, also bet on the match. So even if you don't have any card, you still can BET on a DUEL!  Just imagine you on Bitduel and you see a case opening. You think it's your lucky day so you open a case and it's a LEGENDARY NFT CARD! You see your "crew" on BitBot, and there is your card in there. So you start a 1v1 duel with someone else's card and he has a rare one with AK47! You watching the stream and your NFT BOT WON!

Chris: What are your efforts in marketing? How do you plan to expand the reach and scope of Avar tokens?

David: Since the market crashed we did not push our marketing plans since, it was pointless, a lot of investors at this time don't invest because of the market crash. We collected funds and collected a large amount of money to fund our upcoming marketing campaign on Google, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, with the announcement of our ETHEREUM Deploy, to be covered in another smart chain to reach out to new investors. With our Bitbot release, we plan on creating a huge influencer campaign through the entire Twitch.TV platform, where streamers are paid to play with our fun, and interesting game, and by doing so the Streamer's viewers can see how the game is being played, and they might want to start playing with it also. We are taking marketing step by step and increasing our brand awareness slowly but steadily. While the market was crashing, we focused on building our community and hosting AMA [Ask Me Anything] Sessions to connect with the community and form a strong "Army".

Chris: In the end, what are your plans for Avara’s future? Do you also have an NFT launch around the corner?

David: AVARA is a long-term project, where we aim to accomplish a lot of things through the lifespan of the project. Our goals are to develop the following modules: BitBot [NFT PvP game], Cross Chain Launchpad, NFT Marketplace. We also get new ideas from our community and consider their ideas to make. A great example would be the Staking module, this was a suggestion from one of our community member and we decided that we like the idea, and started working on it the next day.
Our NFT launch is coming up in the next month or two.

If any questions remain, feel free to ask I'm happy to answer them.

Short explainer video for Avara:
To buy Avara tokens: PancakeSwap link