Chris Chris 09.02.2022

Bitfari Distributes all Profits to Miners, Customers, Screen Operators and Affiliates — Interview with Jordhy, Bitfari Founder

This time around we are talking to Jordhy Ledesma, Founder and CEO of Bitfari.

Chris: What is the concept of Bitfari? How does this digital billboard work?

Jordhy: Bitfari lets anyone use storefront spaces, websites or applications to show ads. Inside these containers Bitfari will display intelligent ads that closely match what people in the area want to see. Bitfari is able to translate ads to foreign languages, rotate ads automatically and connect to smart screens in real-time.

Chris: This is impressive! How does Bitfari make the advertisements available to all? What is the role of cryptocurrency in this exchange?

Jordhy: The Bitfari protocol coordinates mining across thousands of computers that are making calculations to match ads with interest keywords provided by customers in each area.

Chris: How does an individual make use of the service provided by Biftari? Do you have different prices for the billboard advertisements?

Jordhy: There are multiple ways to use Bitfari. You can place ads on any of our partner sites, go to to place an ad or have your agency publish the ad on Bitfari for you! Ads on Bitfari are up to 90% discounted. You save on commission fees, get free ad displays on customers' smart phones and websites. In terms of pricing, we can sell ad placement in 30-secs increments, hours or days. Impressions cost half of what Google is charging for Adsense and many times they convert much better.

Chris: So, what is the cost of one Bitfari token? How much are you charging as fees?

Jordhy: You can visit to purchase FARI tokens, the price changes daily according to market conditions.   

Chris: How do you plan to utilize the money collected as fees?

Jordhy: As a blockchain protocol, Bitfari distributes all profits to miners, customers, screen operators and affiliates.

Chris: Where and how can one buy the Bitfari token?

Jordhy: You can purchase the toke at the first DEX for Stacks token and Bitcoin-connected apps.

Chris: What are the plans of Bitfari? How does the company plan to expand and make use of blockchain technology in the coming times?

Jordhy: Bitfari will allow anyone to connect a screen to its network and show ads. We plan to enlist hundreds of thousands of screens and provide the most affordable and relevant advertising solution that operates at a global scale.