Chris Chris 01.02.2023

Coin Gabbar: Crypto Information Marketplace — Interview with Sudeep, Co-founder of Coin Gabbar

What's good in the hood, folks? I'll tell you what. Today my guest is — Sudeep Saxena, Co-founder of Coin Gabbar.

Sudeep, being a CMA by profession and a Management Graduate, bags extensive experience in the Financial & Crypto Space and intends to build a rich knowledge bank for new entrants in the crypto market.

Chris: Good day! Thanks for taking the time with me. *Before we start with the actual questionnaire, I want to know the story behind the name Coin Gabbar*

Sudeep: The name Coin Gabbar is inspired by the popular Bollywood movie character Gabbar Singh.

The fictional character Gabbar from the Hindi movie ‘Sholay’ played the role of a compelling, dynamic and a change-maker persona. And that is exactly how CoinGABBAR is in the crypto sphere. Being the largest research and information marketplace in crypto, we wish to change the perception of people about crypto by educating them of what crypto assets actually are.

To many, crypto starts and ends at Bitcoin. Therefore creating awareness and imparting the right information to crypto enthusiasts is what #Gabbar wishes to do.

Chris: Correct me if I am wrong, but you are not a trading platform and rather an information place.

Sudeep: Yes we are not a trading platform. As I said, we are here to help investors with insightful investment opportunities. We educate masses about cryptocurrencies through our varied features.

CoinGabbar believes that an apt research and selection can only result in an astute investment. And the fact that the world is readily adopting crypto at such a fast pace, also highlights why the right information about crypto is important. We at CoinGabbar want our users to understand that not every portion of their earnings has to be put in crypto. Investing in small portions can also do the needful, if the research and selection is done well.

Chris: Can you list the main features that crypto users can be capitalizing on heavily through Coin Gabbar?

Sudeep: To be honest, not just one or two but there are many features that make us stand out in the race. If I take you through the website, you will see various sections like News, Blogs, Research Papers, Airdrop, Learn to Earn games, portfolio integration, ICO/IDO and Events and a lot more.

  1. Content in vernacular for better adoption of Crypto space.
    1. News - To stay updated round the clock
    2. Blogs - A knowledge bank for Crypto geeks
    3. Research Papers - Detailed information about Crypto assets
    4. Price Analysis - Technical charts to keep a watch on Crypto market
  2. Portfolio Integration of various exchanges on a single dashboard - A user gets to create a portfolio of all his holdings at one place. Also has a Proof of Reserves report for leading exchanges.
  3. Event Updates around the Crypto Industry
    1. Airdrop Updates
    2. ICO/ IDO Events
    3. Blockchain Technology Events
  4. Cryptocurrency
    1. Tracking of various categories
    2. Historical Data for Crypto Assets
    3. Use Cases of Cryptocurrencies 
  5. Learn to Earn - Learn about thousands of crypto assets and earn Gabbar Cubs. These cubs can be further converted into real tokens.
  6. Play to Earn - Games like Price Prediction and Mock Trading not only teach you how to be an investor but also earn you rewards.

Apart from this, the website has a live counter of the Market Cap, 24 hours Market Cap, and Active coin.

So long story short, we are a unique crypto hubspot which has all the information that an investor needs!

Chris: What about Proof of Reserve integration? CoinGabbar was all over the internet for the same.

Sudeep: When it comes to cryptocurrencies, trust cannot be compromised.

And CoinGabbar has always valued trust and transparency. Considering the urgent need for investor protection and transparency in the crypto market, we integrated proof of reserves of the leading exchanges of India— WazirX, SunCrypto and CoinDCX. Proof of Reserves help users track their holdings and know about the exchanges.

With this, CoinGabbar has become India’s first crypto marketplace to release complete Proof-of-Reserves reports of an exchange. And taking ahead the spirit of transparency and trust in the crypto ecosystem and we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure all crypto investors are secured.

Chris: Interesting. I would like to know about mock trading and prediction in more detail. Do these platforms make you earn by simply participating?

Sudeep: Mock Trading and Daily Predictions are the epitome of our initiative ‘play to earn.’ Crypto enthusiasts can exhibit their trading skills, perform trades actively and earn Coin Gabbar cubs through prediction and mock trading. Also, this feature invites users to try their hands with Live Crypto Trading without any actual investment.

Here I would like to throw some light on Coin Gabbar cubs. Coin Gabbar Cubs are the unique reward points to our users who are actively participating in the Games, Activities & Events or contributing to us in any way. As you make daily predictions and take part in mock trading, you get to earn up to 10,000 cubs every single day. And these cubs can be redeemed in the monthly Coin Gabbar giveaways. Like we are live with our 150mn Shiba Inu Token giveaway. We also have a Gabbar Mystery campaign that offers 50,000 CoinGabbar tokens to our users. There’s a lot to learn and earn once you join the Gabbar community.

Chris: A lot of learning and earning. What about these AirDrop, ICO and Event sections marked "Ongoing" — what are they showcasing?

Sudeep: As I mentioned above, Coin Gabbar transmits information about events, airdrops and ICO/IDO. On the event page, you will see upcoming events related to crypto, blockchain, and more. This will keep you informed about the movers and shakers of the crypto sphere. And for Airdrops and ICOs, we publish the upcoming and ongoing airdrops with their quantity.

By the way, contributing to Coin Gabbar is also a feature that helps users earn Gabbar cubs. You can submit information about Airdrop, ICO/IDO and events to earn thousands of cubs.

Chris: I heard you saying Coin Gabbar provides technical charts and live CRYPTOCURRENCY PRICES' — this seems really insightful. Can you please elaborate on that?

Sudeep: Price analysis charts are no less than cherry on the cake. These are for pro investors. For the right investment all that a trader needs is good research and selection of right assets, and that's what he gets through our technical charts.

The analysis for trending coins is highly based on their volumes and chart patterns. The live crypto prices help investors to also earn short-term gains for intraday trading. We have a team of highly experienced analysts who put out call targets on a daily basis out of which 80% accuracy is achieved in most cases.

Chris: I believe this is a platform for every crypto enthusiast, be it a beginner or expert. How important and helpful is Coin Gabbar in the overall play?

Sudeep: CoinGabbar is a lighthouse in a sea of disinformation. The firm's motto is to let the layperson Research - Select - Invest. We are intended to give people the most accurate information so they can make informed decisions about their cryptocurrency investments. CoinGabbar has a fore view to connect the masses around the globe with the ever-evolving crypto era. We create a profuse knowledge bank to help users generate a clear vision of crypto and its assets. Not only can a beginner understand the basics of crypto, learn and earn through features like mock trading or price prediction but even a professional can study market overview with technical charts.

Chris: What are your views on the upcoming boom— metaverse and web3?

Sudeep: Metaverse and Web3 are the new buzz creators. Their expansion with every passing day is insane. Looking past the hype and critique, Web3 and the metaverse are shaping a new application layer for the internet.

If I have to put up my views on metaverse and web3 in one sentence I'll say, these are the responsible building blocks for constructing the capacity for tomorrow. Talking about crypto, metaverse and Web3 as a whole; information is all you need. Right knowledge and information is a vital asset you must have to enter, endure and stay safe in the crypto market. Top-quality information is something you can’t find easily on the internet and that's why you need Coin Gabbar.

Chris: Any general take on the crypto industry? What is the next big thing we should expect?

Sudeep: The world of crypto is undergoing a visible turbulence. There are exchanges and firms filing for bankruptcy, but at the same time there are also crypto enthusiasts who are growing with insightful investments. The falls in the crypto ecosystem have mostly been from centralized players and not from decentralized protocols.

Before the FTX drama, bitcoin was declared dead for around 465 times. But people are still counting on it even after all the exaggerated versions of its death. So I believe things will be soon on track. The investors need to HODL on their investments and just like Coin Gabbar says research, Select and then Invest.

Chris: Thank you! Anything else that you would want the crypto enthusiasts to know?

Sudeep: The crypto industry is as vast as one can think of. There is a lot to understand here. And the best part is, CoinGabbar is here to help with the same.

Also, there is one piece of information that I would like our readers to know: Coin Gabbar is soon coming up with Gabbar University.

We are creating a spot which is dedicated to certification for Blockchain and this is completely FREE. The users can learn about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency through different modules in the online university. Whether the reader is a newbie, an intermediate or a professional he can learn about crypto through blogs, videos, and get certified for the respective module in a single go.

Through Coin Gabbar we want to establish Trust, Transparency and Research in the world of Crypto.