Chris Chris 23.01.2023

Easy, Fast and Secure Payment With Over 100 Different Cryptocurrencies — Interview with Marius, Co-Founder of Coinsbee

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Marius: I am Marius, the co-founder of Coinsbee. I am largely involved in the business development strategies that Coinsbee uses. I have a strong background in business development, but my skills also include business optimization and strategic planning. 

Chris: Thanks for being here. Coinsbee enables people just like me to buy gift cards with cryptocurrency — is that right? What are your primary solutions?

Marius: Yes, that is correct. Coinsbee was created to be a convenient service for people who want to use cryptocurrency for their everyday spendings. Right now, we already have over 25,000 different types of gift cards and vouchers that people are able to buy with cryptocurrency through the Coinsbee platform. We also support mobile top ups worldwide, which allows people to use their cryptocurrency when they want to buy airtime. The platform currently supports 173 cryptocurrencies and we continue to expand on this. You can buy giftcards with crypto quickly and easily on this unique platform. 

Chris: How big is your market? How popular is such a service in general?

Marius: We essentially target two different markets when we allow people to buy giftcards with crypto. This includes the cryptocurrency market, as well as the gift card market. As we all know, cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of momentum in the past few years. Sure, things were rocky at times, but the interest in using cryptocurrencies still continues to grow. The market for gift cards is just as big, as many people turn to these digital “vouchers” as a way to top up accounts or even buy from their favorite online stores. With the gift card options at Coinsbee, people with cryptocurrency can use this virtual currency to buy gift cards for restaurants, to top up their game credits, and much more. We connect the two markets together and make it easily accessible. 

Chris: What gift/payment cards are the most popular ones at the moment?

Marius: Right now, we have a couple of popular options when it comes to allowing a person to buy giftcards with crypto. The e-commerce gift cards are doing particularly well at the moment. These giftcards allow people to shop at various online stores without having to use their banking details or credit card information. We have also seen a significant increase in interest for our mobile top-up services lately and people also like the payment cards that we have on the platform.

Chris: Talk about mobile phone Top up - some general insights and why did you decide to offer this function? 

Marius: We’ve recognized a need for creating an easy, accessible, and convenient way for people to top up the airtime on their mobile phone - whether that is to make calls or to buy data. We also see many people from emerging countries come to Coinsbee particularly for the mobile top-up solution, as they might not have access to a bank account, but have secured some crypto in their digital wallets. 

Chris: On a personal note: how old is the company and how the initial idea came into play?

Marius: We haven’t been here since the start of the cryptocurrency trend. In fact, the Coinsbee platform only started to allow people to buy giftcards with crypto in 2019. Myself and the others involved with Coinsbee have a strong belief that cryptocurrencies should be a widespread solution due to the many problems this type of digital currency can solve. We also know just how hard it can be to utilize cryptocurrencies in some countries. Our goal is to make paying with cryptocurrency easier - even for everyday spending. 

Chris: What are some vital lessons that you have learned along the way? Would you do something differently if you could start everything afresh?

Marius: We’ve learned that teamwork plays a crucial part in the process of setting up this business and capacity is another essential element. We’ve reached some limits in terms of affordability in the past. Luckily, the new hires that we have on board will help to continue improving business operations. 

Chris: What are your plans for 2023?

Marius: In 2023, our goal is to further expand on the customer’s ability to buy giftcards with crypto. We will be introducing new coins and the ability to use crypto for an even greater variety of giftcards. There are also a few surprises, as well as new features, that our customers can look forward to. 

Chris: Thanks for a captivating talk. Any last word?

Marius: Thank you for the interview. We are proud to be part of the crypto community and thank our great customers! We are looking forward to a great year 2023.