Chris Chris 15.11.2022

One of the Leading Auditing Firms, Having Audited More Than 900 Blockchain Projects — Interview with Thanos, CEO & Co-Founder of

How's everybody doing? This time around we are talking to Thanos Tsavlis — CEO & Co-Founder of Greek Business Executive and Blockchain Engineer. 

Chris: Hello there. Thanks for sitting down with me. As an auditing firm in blockchain — what are the main solutions you provide for your clients?

Thanos: Thank you for having me. As a Cyber Security company, we provide 2 services: Smart Contract Audits and AML analytics. 

a. A Smart Contract Audit is the process of evaluating the code of a smart contract and providing a thorough report with all the vulnerabilities and security threats of the contract. We have also developed an automated quick-audit tool to help clients get informed about the security of a contract which is also integrated into Coingecko’s core product Geckoterminal.

b. AML analytics by using our software to scan all the transactions of an input wallet and return to the user a list of AML trust score, and some remarkable transactions.

Chris: How are your clients in general? 

Thanos: We have audited and helped more than 1500 clients secure their projects in our 2 years of operations. There isn’t a common sample audience, we have worked with bigger and smaller scale projects, and every time the scope of the Audit depends on the client’s requirements. We have audited from simple tokens to complex layer 1 solutions, Apeswap and Pinksale are some of our high-profile audited clients. We also work with PolygonDAO Village program to onboard best-shortlisted Polygon projects and help them Secure their contracts.

Chris: Tell our readers about the inception of the business — how was the idea formed? 

Thanos: A few years ago, we were starting to play around with Crypto and investing in some newly launched tokens. After we realized that our technical background could help investors to stay safe and projects to fix their contract issues, we decided to launch our own Cyber Security Company and spin off from our parent company We dedicated the past 2 years to web3 Security and working closely with clients to not only flag problems but also to help them fix them.

Chris: How big of a role does the community play in your business? 

Thanos: The community plays a very important role in our roadmap and vision. After all we started the company to help stay informed and SAFU. Our community’s requests always inspire us and we aim to build products that will make their investments safer, and their decisions more informed. After all, it doesn’t matter how much you trust a software, you should ALWAYS be doing your own research too.

Chris: What is the next big thing for you according to the roadmap?

Thanos: Cyberscope will participate in some upcoming Worldwide blockchain conferences. We will be going to Paris for Blockchain week, Dubai crypto expo, and a few more - come to say hello if you are there! In a longer-term view, we aim to expand our presence in more incubators and networks and continue to play a crucial part in web3 adoption and Cyber Security.
As more and more companies are adopting Web3, staying informed is your only protection against Cyber-crime and scammers. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at our resource to get a better understanding of what is a smart contract and how can a non-technical person get informed about the vulnerabilities of his favorite project.

Chris: Thanks! Anything else you want to leave us with? 

Thanos: Also, all updates can be followed on our website and our social media channels