Chris Chris 09.02.2022

We Give 90% of the Commission we Receive from the Seller to the Buyer as Mypo Token — Interview with Tolga, Mypotoken Founder

We are joined by Tolga Karadag, CEO of Mypotoken.

He has worked in various companies in the IT sector for more than 18 years, the last 6 years of which are blockchain technologies. Realizing various applications with technologies such as Java, React, NodeJs, Vue and consulting companies on various e-commerce systems for the last 3 years, Tolga Karadağ gave up all his other work for the Mypo project he was developing and decided to spend all his knowledge and energy on this project. has given

Chris: Mypo aims to eliminate the security issues associated with crypto acquisition and trading. How does Mypo do that?

Tolga: First of all, we appear before our customers as a completely corporate structure. Many people who invest in crypto assets do not even know the meaning of existing crypto assets. MYPO is an e-commerce site that aims to be corporate and global. As customers shop, they earn mypo tokens. While today, a person who invests in an asset in any stock market cannot find an interlocutor. It will be in one-on-one interaction with its customers through the customer support network within the MYPO E-commerce system

Chris: Furthermore, how does blockchain technology help to achieve enabling security of crypto assets?

Tolga: First of all, Blockchain technology appears with a data structure where security is at the forefront. Due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain, it is not affiliated with any government company or organization. For example, we can consider a company as its headquarters. Company data is kept on certain servers, and in case of an attack on a centralized system, the company's servers run from a certain address. In a decentralized system, there is no point to attack. Most blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) refers to storing fragmented data across multiple networks in an encrypted form. With distributed ledger technology, data is distributed over multiple networks instead of a central server. Users with access to distributed networks can access and approve this data. In distributed ledger technology; Access, validation and all updates of data take place by consensus created by network users. There is no single point of failure and no single user can modify the log. However, blockchain technologies differ in some critical security aspects.

Chris: You also include the e-commerce platform within the same technology. How do users attain price benefits through the use of Mypo?

Tolga: Mypo is actually an e-commerce platform that allows buyers and sellers to meet, just like amazon or ebay. A business owner As in other platforms, MYPO also creates a store and gives us a commission from the sales it has made. As we mentioned above, other e-commerce platforms take commissions between 5% and 22% depending on the product group, and the system has no interest or attraction to the customer.
For example, a customer bought X brand shoes for 1000 usd from X e-commerce site. In this case, the e-commerce platform receives a commission worth 150 usd. In our system, the seller sells the shoes worth 1000 usd. We charge 150 usd commission from the seller. With this 150 usd, we instantly buy mypo tokens from the market. We define the token worth 135 usd of the 150 usd token we have received to the buyer's account. We buy the 15 usd token for ourselves. In other words, we give 90% of the commission we receive from the seller to the buyer as mypo token.
The customer can use this mypo token worth 135 usd in his next shopping or sell it by drawing it to one of the exchanges we will be involved in. Or it can accumulate mypo tokens to gain value.
When we look at the scenario above, every shopping means buying tokens from the market. In other words, if 100 million mypo tokens are purchased during the day and these purchased tokens are distributed to customers, of course, a certain part of these customers will not want to sell them. I can say that we have an upward expectation with the increase in the number of stores and users.

Chris: Interesting. What will be the price for one Mypo token?

Tolga: Our total token amount is 2 billion units. In Mypo Token planning, a maximum supply of 300 million for the years 2022 and 2023, a maximum of 50 million each year for the first 10 years and 300 million for staking. 1 billion units will remain in the form of reserves for the next 10 years, and this 1 billion can be burned or used depending on the course of the project. This is a situation that will be decided entirely by the course of the project.
In addition, the figure we determined for the 1st ICO, which will be our 1st and 2nd ICO period, will be in the range of 0.25 - 0.30 cents. The most important factor that determines the price of a token is its project and community. We trust both. After the ico period, we have a rapid exit process to the stock market. Finally, we plan to expand our e-commerce system to the stock market period.

Chris: How much will be deducted as fees? How do you plan to utilize the funds collected as fee?

Tolga: We plan to receive only 10% of each commission received from the e-commerce site during the promotion and development of the project. Actually, that's a pretty low number. The aim is to attract more customers by making MYPO more attractive. The most important target for sellers is the customer. Rather than how we attract sellers, the target for us is customers. If there are customers, there are also sellers. With the growth and development of the project and the increase in costs in the coming years, we can increase this 10% to 15%.
We aim to use most of the income sources of our project for the development and growth of the project. This includes personnel expenses, development of the project, advertising and promotion. You can join our Twitter and follow our official website for latest updates.

Chris: Furthermore, what is the team’s approach towards marketing? How much of your resources are being allocated towards it?

Tolga: We attach great importance to marketing. When you say marketing, it includes advertising and promotion. Each member of the MYPO Community is both a customer and an investor of the MYPO e-commerce system. No one X does not support an e-commerce site. But we have a strong mypo family behind us. Isn't every individual with his own family? Then it means that individuals have a side when their business is family.
I can say that we will be involved in promotion and advertising in an extraordinary way and pushing the limits of imagination. We have to be different and show that difference. Just like our project.

Chris: Finally, what is your roadmap from here? How does the Mypo platform expand in the future?

Tolga: We have a certain mining-process. At the end of this process, we will have a pre-sale. In addition, we are currently continuing our e-commerce platform developments. We aim to present it to our community as soon as possible. We can even finish the e-commerce site before the date written in the whitepaper. First of all, we will put our e-commerce system into operation in Turkey, where the community is the most concentrated, and then in the countries where our community is most widespread, respectively.
We see a lot of interest, which motivates us by being satisfied. We work hard to be the best.