Chris Chris 29.11.2021

"If you have chosen the Out of Space ecosystem, then you have become part of our team" says Piotr Arlou, the COO of OutSpace

Chris: Tell us about the creation of OutSpace. What inspired the creation?

Piotr: The project was created by traders and crypto enthusiasts who, in the process of doing their favorite thing, realized what they were missing. 

The creation of a successful, developing, and friendly community is one of the fundamental ideas of Out of Space. It is very important for us that not only we but also our entire community earn and develop within our system. 

Our mission is to bring more goodness and positivity into this world and we ask all people to do the same. 

That is why part of the funds received from OUTSPACE tokens will go to charity, and to the development of children's sports around the world. And our community will vote and choose among all candidates who will receive this support. 

Moreover, the use of the trading terminal will be absolutely free for the entire community, with no monthly subscriptions... 

If you have chosen the Out of Space ecosystem, then you have become part of our team. It means that every "OUTSPACER" will participate, propose, vote, and choose a vector for further development!

Therefore, I will summarize and answer your question! For us, the community is not just a community, it is our friends, our team, and a part of the Out of Space ecosystem.

Chris: We see that you have two basic storage buying programs, the A-series and the Z-series. How simple is the storage buying process with

Piotr: We do not have a storage purchase, the main service is completely free, some services require the presence of an OUTSPACE token.

Chris: What are the technical prerequisites required for a prospective buyer to use your storage programs? Do they need to go through extensive technical tutorials?

Piotr: The service is friendly to newcomers in the crypto. The user interface is specially made according to patterns familiar to the audience, there are support services, answers to popular questions and tutorials.

Chris: There is a growing need for efficient data management and with the rise in innovation across the global network. How do you ensure scalability in such a scenario?

Piotr: At the moment, we support a cluster of servers for each functional in order to withstand peak loads, the infrastructure is located in a cloud service, which makes it easy to monitor the status of services and implement scaling.

Chris: Users storing their data through your programs seek data security as they share a lot of private and confidential data. How do you ensure the security of data from unauthorized parties?

Piotr: We do not store user data, we adhere to the principle of anonymity in the blockchain, authorization services work through third-party services with reliable protection.

Chris: The webpage does highlight the hard-working team members working on the project. Please share a bit more about the technical team behind the project and what are their experiences in the field?

Piotr: At the moment, the team consists of: tech-lead, front-end, back-end, deep, 3 full stack developers. All developers are experienced Senior Specialists with 7+ years of experience. The team also includes other specialists such as Designer, SMM, Lawyer and others.

Chris: How do we keep updated on what is new at Do you have an active social media presence as well?